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Whoever Invented Resumes Ought to be Shot

I’m a hiring manager with a job description that clearly outlines the specifications of my job. And what do I receive from candidates, usually with no cover letter? A piece of paper that spews out useless information about a total stranger, in chronological order. Great. So, in my left hand is what I need. And […]

Turn Your Career Challenges Into Resume Achievements

Accomplishments are an important part of your resume. They set you apart from your competition and give potential employers a reason to consider you above others with similar qualifications. Most people, however, find it difficult to write resume achievements. What exactly constitutes an accomplishment? Simply put, an accomplishment is an example of how you solved […]

Move Up In Your Career With a Resume That Says “Can Do!”

Do your career ambitions include a promotion to greater responsibilities? Are your efforts to move into management getting you no where in the job market? You are not alone. One of the most common career challenges is moving up the corporate ladder. As a career coach, one of the most frequently asked questions I get […]

Secrets Buried In a Sales Person’s Resume

In my sales management career, I would bet that I’ve seen about 5,000 resumes for sales people. Yet, I still haven’t seen one that shows someone who has achieved 40% of quota. Every single resume shows 100%, 200%, 2,000,000% of goal. Where are all of the people who have had less than stellar sales performances? […]

Resume Tips: Five Ways to Grab Employers’ Attention

With today’s level of competition for good jobs your resume has got only one chance to make a great first impression. To be considered for interviews your resume must have that special something that grabs the reader’s attention and motivates them to call you. Here are five strategies for transforming a blah document into a […]

Four Simple Steps to Update Your Resume

With the doldrums of Summer hiring behind us, Fall is a great time to update your resume. Labor Day to Thanksgiving is typically an active interview season. Don’t be late when opportunity knocks. If you haven’t updated your resume in the past year the following four steps will help you bring your resume up to […]

Three Rules for a Great Sales Resume

Average sales people are a dime a dozen, but great sales people are hard to find. Unfortunately the best sales professionals usually aren’t the best resume writers. They are busy making the sale and seldom take time to update their resume with their best accomplishments until opportunity knocks. If this sounds like you there are […]

Secrets to Getting the Sales Job You Want

The compensation plan changed again. The revolving door of company executives spins out of control. You look at the corporate direction and you’d like to give the CEO a compass so he can find his way. Concerned, you’ve decided that today is the day that you will peek your head over the cubicle wall and […]

Five Reasons Recruiters Aren’t Calling You

No doubt, this is a tough job market, and who knows when it will get better? With so many applicants for too few positions, it’s no wonder employers ignore all but the top qualified candidates. Do you find yourself applying to positions that you are sure you are the best qualified, but you still get […]

Calling All Recruiters; Is Anyone Out There?

Online job services were meant to automate the job search process, getting jobseekers in front of prospective new employers faster. How well is it working for you? If you’ve sent out dozens of resumes and gotten little or no response, it probably feels like you’re sending your resume into a vast black hole. Do you […]