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From Pizza Guy to Professional

Three Resume Tips for New College Grads As a career coach, I’m often asked by new college grads how to write a compelling resume when they have little or no professional experience. How can you demonstrate the ability to perform in a professional capacity, such as accounting, marketing or engineering, with a resume that includes […]

Three Resume Rules for Baby Boomers

The most common concern among job seekers over 50 is that their resume tends to date them. While it’s true that with age comes wisdom, it’s also true that securing a great new job becomes challenging after a certain age. If you are a member of the baby boomer generation you’ll want to take note […]

How To Write a Perfect Cover Letter

Your cover letter has only one job. It is meant to entice the reader to open and read your resume. Sounds simple, but job seekers often stress as much over their cover letter as they do the resume. If this sounds like you, relax, there is a simple approach to cover letters that will streamline […]

10 Tips For a Reader-Friendly Resume

Your resume must capture the reader’s attention within the first 15 seconds or risk being lost in the reject pile. One key success factor for your resume is its readability, that is, how easily and quickly the reader can absorb your information without loosing interest. To help you gain maximum attention, here are ten tips […]

Does Your Old Resume Say “Has Been”?

If you’re a job seeker over 50, you may be feeling ignored by employers. You’re certainly not ready to retire, but young recruiters seem to put you in the geriatric generation. If you’re feeling symptoms of age discrimination, your resume could be the culprit, categorizing you as out of date and over the hill. There […]

From Self-Employed to Re-Employed

Rejoining the Corporate World One of the toughest career challenges is returning to corporate life after being self-employed for a number of years. If you are a self-employed job candidate, you are probably facing misconceptions about your career that are keeping you out of the “must interview” candidate list. For example, employers may assume: Your […]

Career Coach Answers Top Resume Questions

As a career coach there are resume questions that I’m asked by nearly every client. If you are a job seeker you’ve probably struggled with these same issues. Below are answers to many of the most frequently asked resume questions. Q: How many pages should my resume be? A: It depends on your level of […]

Build A Better Resume

A few tips to help get noticed! In this job market it is extrememly important that you take every measure possible to set yourself apart from the rest. Here are 10 tips to help your resume get the attention it deserves! Be sure your headings and titles are congruent with the job/position you are applying […]

Getting Your Resume Read

Guess how much time I am going to spend reading your resume. Take your time. Seriously. Don’t rush. Take your time. Think about it. Want to know the answer? Just about the amount of time you have spent reading this article. Not the amount of time you will spend reading this article. The amount of […]