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Strategic vs Tactical Planning: How Are They Different?

Whether we’re talking about your business or personal goals, planning proves to be essential to success. It sets the general direction that we have to take. This gives us a roadmap of sorts by which we can assess our actions. What you’ll usually hear about planning is strategic vs tactical planning. They’re both seen as […]

Best eCommerce Tools To Drive Sales In 2023

If you are looking for the best eCommerce tools that can help you drive more sales in 2023 then you have come to the right place. Because of the success of e-commerce websites such as Amazon, more and more retail businesses are transitioning to online stores. In the year 2020, online sales generated over $4 […]

What Is a Purchase Order and How Do I Make One? [Template + Example]

Purchase orders are great pieces of documentation that no business can do without. They’re not just for keeping track of what’s spent but also for managing supplies. So, to avoid issues related to lack of documentation, you need to create a purchase order.   If you don’t know how to make one, then stick around; […]

How to Write Sales Copy that Brings Maximum Profit to Your Business

Every business aims to grow and expand continuously while increasing its profit. But while it is definitely necessary to make big changes for this, you will need to start from much smaller details – for example, the way you write your sales copy. Without further ado, here’s how to write a sales copy so that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies in 2023

Setting the right prices for your products and services is crucial. Set the prices too high, and you won’t attract more customers. Set them too low, and you won’t generate a high profit.  That is why you can not just “guess” the prices you will set for your offerings; there’s a lot of technical thinking involved. […]

Mobile Marketing for Ecommerce

E-commerce presents a convenient way of shopping that many of us would find difficult to live without. Sites such as Amazon, Etsy, and Wish are all examples of e-commerce stores. Mobile marketing plays a crucial part in the buying process.    These stores do well because they offer convenience. Convenience is a big driver in […]

How to Write Email Promotions that ROCK!

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Promo Emails To this day, marketing emails remain one of the best ways to reach out to customers and stay in their thoughts, hopefully encouraging their loyal patronage. So, whether it’s to promote a new product, an upcoming event, or the latest release on your blog, promo emails are a great […]

What is Marketing Intelligence Data and How to Use it in 2023?

Source: Digital Journal   In a more concrete sense, market intelligence data directs a company to the community, research and analysis, and communication of relevant data to the target market segments to predict the future and to make decisions based on that. What is market intelligence data, and how is it used in this fast-paced […]

How to Create the Right Time to Ask for the Sale

Decade after decade, sales training programs have taught to sell first and build relationships later. This approach is the same as seeing a stranger on the street whom you find attractive and asking him or her to marry you—without so much as asking to meet for coffee first. It is not beyond reason to expect […]

How to Choose Best Network Marketing Company?

  Network marketing has been around for quite some time, with some of the oldest network marketing companies out there claiming to have been around since the late 1800s. In the 1980s, this business model exploded in popularity in the United States, as many people were drawn to its flexibility and low setup costs. And […]