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How to Improve Online Sales with Marketing Automation

As you grow your online retail business, you start having a lot of questions. How do the big online retailers keep up with the growing customer base? When do they provide a consistent experience to all their customers? In what way do they increase their sales? Two words: Marketing Automation. As your business expands, marketing […]

Seven Ways to Acquire Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs)

Image credit: Unsplash Clients go through a sales funnel, beginning with getting acquainted with your business. They land on the website, discover goods and services, and compare prices with others. Thus, they gradually become SQLs. That’s where we need to answer the question, “What is a sales-qualified lead (SQL)?” These are people or companies interested […]

How to Promote Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

If you had to list some of the most valuable assets available to brands today, social proof would undoubtedly be right at the top. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling company shirts or other branded merchandise – having someone who has already captured your audience’s attention on your side is critical to success.  These days, […]

How to send emails that turn readers into buyers

Image source: Pexels Most people send emails and receive them. Of these newsletters are popular. Most newsletters don’t get read and of the few that get read the majority don’t result in improved sales numbers. If you create email newsletters then you must master the art of turning your subscribers into customers. Here are a […]

How to Write Your Sales Value Proposition

What is Sales Value Proposition? A sales value proposition is the unique selling point of your service, product, or anything you offer to the customer/client/prospect. Most organizations put a limited amount of time on this feature and focus much of their attention only on doing what the competition is doing. Therefore, it’s one of the […]

5 Dropshipping Tricks & Hacks for Amazon in 2022

With millions of people globally using the platform, Amazon is one of the world’s premier companies, especially in North America. The addition of the app has made access to Amazon easier causing it to be more widespread. When you consider how high loyalty among Amazon customers is, the opportunities to explore the possibilities present themselves. […]

Visual Elements on Your Site to Help You Sell More

Image source A website should be effectively able to communicate what it stands for to others. A nicely designed user interface can help with that and cement your USP. A good user experience can make the case for marketing and selling a product. It portrays the details of what the user wants and needs from […]

8 Ways On How To Find The Right Products To Sell For Your Online Business

Image source: Pexels The internet has opened up an entirely new world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses. In the past, offline business models were the only way to make money. But now, selling products online is a viable option for anyone who wants to earn money. Selling products online is a great way to […]

The Best Marketing Plan for an SME in 9 Steps

  Image source: Unsplash Looking for the best marketing plan for an SME? It is worth saying that if you are not on the internet you are not into anything. And it is that almost 3 out of 4 users who did a local search, accessed a nearby business, at least half, during the same […]

The Impact of Green Marketing Strategies on Consumer Behavior

In today’s omnichannel marketplace, you need more than just an innovative product or service to ensure business success. Thanks largely to online activity, consumers are now armed with more information than at any other time in the history of retail. According to an American Lifestyle Survey by Mintel, at least 70% of consumers seek opinions […]