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When Enough is Enough

Finding a job can be tough no matter how the general economy may be doing. Finding a good job when the economy is struggling is often times a full-time job, that demands all your resources, talents, patience and networking skills. Despite the actual or anticipated challenges to finding a job, there may come a time […]

Fall in Love with the Word NO!

Falling in love with the word “NO” is one of the hardest parts of being in sales–especially if you are a solo entrepreneur and working on your own. To be successful you must make “NO” a friend not a foe. Desensitize yourself to the impact that little word has on you. Every minute you are […]

On Entertaining Your Customers

How much time should I spend entertaining my customers? Good question. The world of the field salesperson is changing rapidly these days, and everything is in question. The practice of entertaining customers is one of those issues that needs to be rethought. First, let’s consider whether or not you should entertain your customers. In these […]

Are Great Salespeople Born Or Made?

One of my clients asked me last week whether I thought great salespeople were born or made. It’s a great question… Psychologists have been arguing for years about the interaction between nature and nurture and the importance of these twin factors on your ability to achieve (or not) in your life. They will probably be […]

How To Make a Great First Impression In a Job Interview

The first few minutes of a job interview are critically important for creating a good first impression. In fact, the first 30 seconds can make you or break you. Interviewers gather clues about you based on the way you look, how you shake hands, the eye contact you make and the first words that come […]

Three Tips to Help Recruiters Find You

The first step toward a new and better job is when a recruiter calls you. The goal of every job seeker is to capture the eye of a recruiter who will invite them to interview for a job. But with competition for jobs at an all time high the chances of capturing a recruiter’s attention […]

How to Succeed in Direct Sales While Having a Job and a Family

One season at a national conference a group of consultants were sharing how challenging it was to keep up with their full time job, their part-time direct sales business, and run a family. In short, they did not see how it was possible to find the time to make prospecting calls for recruiting. As I […]

How to Make Maximum Sales in Minimum Time!

How would you like to get more positive results in sales? I want to give you an exercise you can use to dramatically change the results you are currently getting. Before I do that I need to give you a little background about how our minds work. You see your mind is a goal seeking […]

Aptitude Tests

A few months ago, a young man who loved sales came to me for career counseling. He was angry. And when I say “angry” I mean “fit to kill” angry. Sometimes, in order to break the ice, I offer to play a quick game with my new clients. In his case, it was a mistake. […]

How To Get Recruiters To Help You In Your Job Search

Recruiters can be of tremendous help in your job search. Most often they are the gate keepers to the first interview. Gaining their help gives you a big advantage in today’s competitive job market. Recruiters fall into two basic categories. Either they are part of a Human Resources team of an organization or they are […]