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Personal Qualities Needed to Become a Successful Sales Manager

Image source: Unsplash Do you want to become a sales manager? Now’s the right time to start your career. The job outlook for salespeople is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of sales professionals will increase by 7% by 2030. And, you will have […]

Guide to Onboarding Remote Sales Employees

Image Source: Pexels In an ideal world, you could simply hire new sales professionals, give them the lowdown on your products, services and sales techniques − then cut them loose and watch the revenue roll in.  However, most successful organizations understand that modest investments in onboarding and training will pay significant dividends. That’s why companies […]

How to Use Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Image Source : Pexels In many cases, reviews are more effective at driving sales than promotional content and paid advertising. Customer reviews influence the purchasing decisions since it boosts their trust in the business.  Customer reviews in marketing are a form of social proof. According to the social proof psychology principle, when people are uncertain, […]

How to Use Video to Attract New Leads

With just the topic on a blank page in front of me a strange thought crossed my mind – Am I preaching to the converted? Why should I write about lead-generating video content when most people already know the importance of the audio-visual medium? These questions again forced me to research the topic. After hours […]

6 Crucial Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Monitor

  If you want to improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing campaigns, you need access to data. Sales volume is a good starting point to measure the performance of your B2B marketing campaigns, but it isn’t the only one.  A sales pipeline enables you to track your B2B buyer’s journey from leads and […]

Good Case Practices Used To Skyrocket E-tailing Business

Image source: Pexels With online retailing being bigger than ever, it’s important to stay up-to-date on business strategies to help improve your eCommerce sales. In fact, it is estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021. Of those digital consumers, you have the chance to gain their business and potentially convert […]

How Corporate Gifts Can Help You Boost Sales

Building strong relationships with customers and prospects is essential for keeping your sales strong and your business growing. Corporate gifts are a powerful tool for showing your appreciation to existing customers, increasing brand exposure and expanding your customer base. Putting your company’s name on promotional merchandise has never been easier. You can buy personalised corporate […]

8 Efficient Inventory Management Strategies to Boost Sales for Startup Businesses

Do you know any startup that does not manage its inventory? Probably not. That’s because robust inventory management is integral in protecting your business’s bottom line. It also allows you to provide the best customer service to your buyers. Think of it this way: Someone decided to buy one of your products, only to find […]

7 Useful Tips to Help Increase the Sales of Your Multigenerational Team

Handling a multigenerational team can be tricky. For one, each generation requires a unique managerial style. Second, every person has their way of getting things done. If you want to help your diverse sales team improve, here are seven valuable tips that you can apply.  Understanding Generational Differences When you’re responsible for managing multigenerational workforce, […]

The Ultimate Guide on How Strong Branding Can Help Increase Sales

Image source: Unsplash Branding has been utilized by companies of all types and sizes to achieve different goals. From establishing yourself as an authority to building loyalty in your audience, branding can be a truly powerful tool when it comes to marketing. In addition to that, branding can be used to maximize your efforts and […]