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3 Keys to a Successful Channel Incentive Program

For companies that go to market via indirect channels, motivating the sales reps that do not directly work for them can be a challenge. As such, many companies have a channel incentive program in place to try to increase lift. The effectiveness of these programs, however, varies based on the way they are executed. For […]

Leveraging the Four-Drive Theory for Sales Team Motivation

People aren’t motivated solely by money Countless theories and models have been developed over the years to explain why and how people are motivated or moved to action. Of these, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is perhaps the most well-known. Less so is the “Four Drive” theory, which is unique in the sense that it is […]

The Difference Between a Sales Management and a Sales Roleplayer

The Difference Between a Sales Management and a Sales Roleplayer

What Exactly “Business Development do”

To help people understand that you don’t “do sales”, but rather, you advance the development of your clients’ businesses. The value that you bring is that you accelerate your clients’ ability to compete in the market, advance their professional careers and contribute to the overall vibrancy of a free market economy. You do this relentlessly, […]

The Myth of Sales Management Motivation

Are we really taking a look at how sales managers are motivated?

It Is Not Only About Sales Efficiency

Why It is Important to have a Dedicated Sales Ops Effectiveness Department When Xerox first established a sales operations department in the 1970’s to take on activities such as sales planning, compensation, forecasting, and territory design, thus making sure the sales department could focus solely on selling, the group leader J. Patrick Kelly described his […]

Three Things I Learnt Becoming a New Sales Leader

I never had a goal to get into management role. It was a good combination of time, personal development and opportunity that all came together earlier this summer and I took over the Area Sales Manager Role. I strongly believed and still do that I can inspire other people to do better things and become […]

The 6 Basic Emotional Needs in the Workplace

As a leader, understanding what emotional needs drive you and your team professionally can make all the difference in your interactions with others and the effectiveness of your leadership. When an experience or action meets at least three of our human emotional needs, we find ourselves feeling compelled to follow through with that action. A […]

Understanding The Impact of Organizational Culture

How does culture impact your performance? So your company came up short of its annual goals or your profits aren’t quite where they should be. Rather than crunching the numbers or blaming the almighty dollar, maybe it’s time to take a look at your organization’s culture and values. It’s no secret that a company’s culture […]

How To React To Negative Glassdoor Reviews

What are your next steps as a Sales Leader? You’ve probably heard this story before: A disgruntled employee is let go from a company, and as a parting gift, he or she leaves a cringe-worthy review of the company on Glassdoor or another similar site. Glassdoor and other company review sites can have a major […]