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Strategic Planning Improves Results with Consistent Implementation

Strategic plans only help organizations when they are kept active and implemented. The strategic plan defines the business direction. That direction is based on the future, the vision of the company. Before an effective strategic plan can be developed a clear and compelling vision is needed. Visions are optimistic, the ideal picture of the future. […]

Strategic Leadership Focuses Your Strategic Planning

Strategic planning and strategic leadership styles vary just as the employees and owners of companies involved in the planning process differ. Visit local bookstores or check on line to see hundreds of books claiming to have the secrets to a successful business and easy strategic planning. Technology and the Internet has forced companies to make […]

A Standardized Company Sales Plan – Good Idea or Bad?

I came across an article today that explains how companies can successfully implement a company-mandated sales plan and be sure that all of the salespeople are following it. I found the advice given in that article to be deeply disturbing to me, especially since it is new and not from a twenty-year-old book from the […]

What Is The Game Plan?

The other day I was working out in the gym when a guy asked me to spot him on the bench press. For those of you not familiar with the term “spot,” it means to watch and assist the lifter if they need help. Of course, I agreed to do this. As is customary when […]

Are You Following A Sales Process?

Are you following a sales process? If not, you are not only wasting your time, but you are also losing sales because of it. You think you are in control but in reality you are out of control. Have you ever been rejected? If your answer is yes, you have just proven that you are […]

Strategic Planning for Salespeople

“Ready, shoot, aim.” Unfortunately, that’s the all too common description of the field salesperson’s modus operandi. In a misguided attempt to stay busy and see as many people as possible, too many salespeople subscribe to the theory that any activity is good activity. There was a time when this was true. Customers had more time, […]

3 Keys to Transforming Your Sales Culture

Changing sales processes and procedures is relatively straight forward; changing attitudes and actions of experienced sales reps isn’t. Anyone who has been involved in managing or directing a sales team knows first-hand the resistance of reps to change the way they sell, even if the current efforts aren’t producing positive results. Regardless of the change […]

First Steps to Effective Sales Planning

Most salespeople love to be active – out in their territories, seeing people, solving problems, putting deals together. This activity orientation is one of the necessary characteristics of a sales personality. A day sitting behind a desk is their idea of purgatory. Unfortunately, this activity orientation is both a strength and weakness. Much of a […]

Developing Account Strategies

Our objective for this chapter is to equip you with an understanding of the principles and processes you’ll need in order to develop effective account strategies. Keep in mind that you are in it (this job) for the long-term. This is not a six-month job. You’re going to be doing this work, calling on these […]

How to Define A Sales Process for Sales Success

image credit flickr Steps towards Sales Success   Defining a Sales Process In simple terms, a sales process is a systematic approach involving a series of steps that enables a sales force to close more deals, increase margins and make more sales through referrals. The ‘series of steps’ are customer-centric and help the sales force […]