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Do the Sales Tools in Your Toolbox Need Updating?

Now that we are more than halfway through 2014, how are your sales numbers? Some industries are still suffering due to the economy, while others are starting to turn a corner and come out of the slowdown that has been taking place the last few years. Regardless of the industry, many sales professionals have “tried […]

The Best Way To Synchronize Data with Integration

Salesforce Integration You can set your worries aside we introduce you to a simple three step process to data integration using MIDAS (Multi Industry Data Anomaly Solution), a solution to all data integration problems. Not only does it help in quick data migration into Salesforce CRM but also helps you cleanse, synchronize and monitor the […]

How to Have Your Sales Team Love the CRM

For many enterprises the challenges begin after the CRM system is installed. The biggest challenge that they face is with user acceptance, especially that of the sales team. Most companies are driven by the performance of their sales team. But unfortunately, they are also the most unorganized workforce in an organization. As it happens, most […]

5 Ways to Handle the “No Budget” Objection

image credit flickr How to Deal with No Budget in Sales It’s no surprise that the biggest objection you’re facing in today’s economy is the “no budget” objection. Now, does this mean that companies aren’t buying anything? Of course not! Think about your own life – you’re still shopping, buying, and getting ready for the […]

Turn Incoming Calls Into Sales And Profits

The top sales performing businesses understand how very important the telephone is as a selling tool. They understand: Customers and prospects telephone the business because they have a need, problem or want. Many times the telephone conversation determines whether the prospect becomes a customer or whether the customer remains a customer of the business. The […]

Face the Dragon

I’m a big fan of a Canadian television show called the Dragon’s Den. The premise of the show has budding entrepreneurs pitch their product or business idea to five venture capitalists who then decide if they are willing to offer funding. This is a great example of selling because the business owners are asking for […]

Help! My Competitors are Low Balling Their Price…

In the constant battle for customers coupled with a bad economy, is it any wonder that some of your competition is engaging in a price war? After all of your hard work, experience and service you offer, you are now forced to reduce your prices simply because your competition is offering rock bottom pricing? Hogwash! […]

Running Effective Sales Meetings

Sales meetings are a fact of life and business and they are important for a variety of reasons. They allow larger companies to address the entire sales team as a group. They offer opportunities to provide additional training (product, skills, and technical). They help keep your team up-to-date. And, they present a tremendous opportunity for […]

Sales Dashboard

What Real-Time Data Sales Managers Need To Manage Successfully What does a dashboard on a car do? It provides information to the driver about fuel, speed, miles traveled, and other relevant information. This data is helpful while driving a vehicle. Anybody that has driven or has traveled in a car knows that car dashboards give […]

Protecting Your Good Accounts from the Competition

We all know the feeling. Your key contact in one of your good accounts sheepishly admits that they have moved some business to a competitor.“No problem with your service, it was just a price issue.” Nothing is more discouraging. You’ve spent years developing this account, building relationships, working hard at meeting their needs, and then, […]