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Effective selling begins with information

Most salespeople love to be active – out in our territories, seeing people, solving problems, putting deals together. This activity-orientation is one of the characteristics of a sales personality. A day sitting behind a desk is our idea of purgatory. Unfortunately, this activity orientation is both a strength and weakness. Much of our ability to […]

Preventing The Price Objection

“Your price is too high!” The infamous price objection. Wouldn’t sales be a great profession if we could somehow wipe it out and never hear it again? Unfortunately, that will never happen. Too many of the people with whom we deal are paid to get the best deal they can. And that means asking for […]

Beliefs That Limit A Salesperson’s Performance

Good Salespeople are Problem Solvers “Good salespeople are problem solvers.” Or, so the illusion goes. That belief ranks high on my all time list of the beliefs that most limit a salesperson’s performance. This one is especially insidious because it is so commonly held, without reservation, by such a large percentage of sales managers and […]

Thank You Note Examples

image credit flickr Developing a regular thank-you note habit is one of the most effective ways you can improve your sales process. A thank-you note sent to someone shows that you respect that person and is a concrete way of expressing your appreciation. Such a note can be quite simple; two or three sentences is […]

Finding a Free CRM Program

Big corporations will often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire just the right CRM package for their sales teams. This makes sense when you consider that a good CRM program can have a dramatic affect on sales — which means all that money the company invested upfront will come back to them soon […]

How To Use The Internet And Search Engines To Research Prospects To Make More Sales!

The Internet — a Happening Place The pivotal position that the Internet enjoys today in the world is unquestionable. From every aspect, the Internet is now one of the most happening places. A lot of real things are happening in the virtual world. From a sales and marketing perspective the Internet is now a crucial […]

Selling in a Recession

5 Steps for Sales Survival The good news is that recession has bottomed out and the economy is on an upward trajectory of revival. But tough times are not yet over and it won’t be in a short time. The storm might have gone, but we have to work through the wreckage it has left […]

How To Write Winning Value Propositions With Quantifiable Hard Dollar Figures To Win A Sale

It is natural for customers to probe the “what’s in it for me” interest deeply before making a buying decision. When customers buy a product or a service they ask numerous questions and weigh various pros and cons of buying the product. They are likely to make a cost and benefit analysis. Such analysis should […]

Are Direct Mail Efforts Killing Your Sales Motivation?

Direct mail can be effective — if done correctly. If direct mail is one of your sales strategies, be sure to follow the below tips to ensure you are keeping your sales motivation strong. Your selling skills — and ultimately your profits — are reflected in how you master skills like these. Make sure your […]

Negotiating and the Three Ts

Trust, Time and Tactics Successful negotiating requires you have a strategy. The clearer your strategy before negotiating, the more successful you will be. At the core of the strategy is what I refer to as the “3 Ts of Negotiating: Trust, Time, and Tactics.” Master these as part of your selling skills and you will […]