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5 Sales Do’s and Don’ts During the Holidays

Some might be a little counterintuitive, some common sense, some you just may not have thought of.. Here are 5 do’s and don’t for the holiday season that I have either noticed work well for others, or have worked well for me in the past. Some of them might be a little counterintuitive, some may […]

Learning Aggressive Sales Tactics

image credit flickr There are many aggressive selling techniques. How do you know which are the Best Sales Techniques for you to use? 1. Pro-Active. Pro-active selling is going out there and finding new customers to present to. Talking to as many people as you can. It’s a numbers game. The more people you talk […]

Is Breaking Rules Good for Sales?

Consider architect Richard Rogers. When Rogers and his partner Renzo Piano designed Pompidou Centre in Paris, they broke conventional rules of architecture by positioning the building’s infrastructure — electricity, plumbing, and HVAC — outside of the building. The goal was to optimize the internal space’s functionality for social and cultural exchange. Because they understood the […]

Why I love Angry Prospects?

Have you ever had a cranky prospect that is skeptical of everything you say at first? It might look something like this: Phone: “Ring Ring” Prospect: “Yeah.” Sales person: “Hi John, this is Jane Johnson, how are you today?” Prospect: “Been better, what do you want?” This scenario would make most sales people uncomfortable, but […]

Dust Off Your Old Proposals — You May Find a Vein of Gold

Your file of prior proposals to your existing customers may be an excellent source of new business. Top performers make a habit of digging deeper than the first problem that surfaces when developing a needs analysis for a new prospect. That comes with the territory when you are doing consultative selling the right way. After […]

The Competitive Selling Style

Areas of Potential Improvement Do you love to win? More importantly, do you HATE to lose? When it comes to a sales cycle, are you focused to winning the deal, at times at any cost and refuse to give up even when the odds are stacked highly against you? If you answered a resounding “Yes,” […]

A Butt in the Seat Trumps Luggage in the Trunk

Do you really listen to your customers and provide what they want, or are you more focused on finding the most profitable way to sell your product and then trying to convince the customer that what you’re doing is actually for their benefit? This thought crossed my mind recently as my rental car shuttle bus […]

Sales Tips for Introverts

Everyone expects a salesperson to fit the high energy, fast talking, in-your-face stereotype. Many qualified people shy away from sales as a career because they are not perceived as a “people person.” But, being more comfortable listening than speaking can be as much of a benefit as the gift of gab. Selling for introverts requires […]

Big Picture v Detail?

The cost of not knowing your customers’ preferences Have you ever asked a client a question that can be answered in a sentence or two and they’re still talking 10 minutes later? Or maybe asked for more detail on a sales issue and been given a one line answer? Are you the person that is […]


“we keep the world’s hands and feet from sweating” ” WE KEEP THE WORLD’S HANDS AND FEET FROM SWEATING” We are seeking professional Independent Sales people “who have buyer entree” into the fields all our products relate to. We are also seeking people who wish to have their own business as distributors of our No […]