Take ACTION and contribute to your sales success with 7 simple steps.

Frequently during my sales workshops I get asked "what's the biggest contribution to success?" Now that's a tough question to answer. There are so many things that determine whether you are destined for success. If I had to pick one, it would probably be taking ACTION. Without it, you will never get the results you want.

I'm reminded of the quote 'All know the way; few actually walk it' (Bodhidharma). We're all guilty of not doing the stuff we know we should be doing.

So if you're procrastinating on ACTIONS that you know will better your results, this exercise could really get you moving.

7 Steps to ACTION

Get yourself a writing pad and a pen you like writing with! Take your time in answering the following questions as fully as you can.

1. Write down one thing that you are procrastinating with

2. Come up with 10 reasons why you must change this now

3. What will it cost you if you don't make this change?

4. What will you gain from this change?

5. How do you know you can absolutely make this change?

6. Create a new association with this change

For example -- If you're not making enough calls you may have an association that not making calls equals less rejection...a new association might be that making more calls equals more chances to make sales and all the kudos and money that comes with that.

7. What is your first action that you can do immediately?

This exercise will really get you in touch with the motivation to take ACTION towards what you want and contribute to your sales success!

It's great to hear how you make these strategies work for you, so please do let us know how you get on.


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  • /data/userPictures/CEF7536F-FDA2-40E6-921C-C3139D6B5386.jpgDAVID OMAGBA12/5/2015 2:18:53 AM
    Thank you Leigh, I have been procrastinating a few actions in my work and after going through this article, I have decided to change my attitude and begin to take action effective immediately. Because I procrastinate on some actions, I've had loads of reports pilled up, putting me under pressure. Thank you for this.

  • /data/userPictures/3243AF74-6C14-4A30-9F93-4A87DE5AAC5A.jpgLeigh Ashton12/7/2015 4:07:17 AM
    Thanks David for the kind comments. Glad to have helped and good luck now that you have changed! Leigh

  • /_ckcommon/images/blanks/userPicture.jpgAbdullah Mustafa, sr12/28/2015 1:43:38 AM
    Thanks Leigh for such important issue . The quote 'All know the way; few actually walk it' is a key idea on success . I personally procrastinate a lot . I do know to do things in the right way , yet , I don't do it . thanks for pointing to this key principle which contribute to success . I will write down this quote on my white board and let it influence me in a daily base.

  • /_ckcommon/images/blanks/userPicture.jpgAbdullah Mustafa, sr12/28/2015 1:44:27 AM
    how to do things*

  • /data/userPictures/3243AF74-6C14-4A30-9F93-4A87DE5AAC5A.jpgLeigh Ashton12/29/2015 5:43:57 AM
    Good luck with that Abdullah Mustafa. Kind regards, Leigh

  • /data/userPictures/40F4C53C-556C-42A8-8824-6FED4FC3AF06.jpgRaul Ruiz, Jr.1/17/2016 2:58:40 AM
    Very useful article here.
    Number 1 on your list is my biggest challenge every 1st week of the new year. Lol
    I'm working on it. (:

  • /data/userPictures/3243AF74-6C14-4A30-9F93-4A87DE5AAC5A.jpgLeigh Ashton1/17/2016 6:14:45 AM
    Goos luck with that one Raul.... Leigh

  • /data/userPictures/C3411CCD-8FA1-4F25-BE8C-0D1CF6FCC575.jpgDavid Lovelace1/24/2016 4:14:08 PM
    Thank you Leigh for the powerful technique. 3 out of 10 reasons were enough for me to take action today.

  • /data/userPictures/3243AF74-6C14-4A30-9F93-4A87DE5AAC5A.jpgLeigh Ashton1/26/2016 4:55:19 AM
    great news David. Good luck with the changes you're making!

  • /_ckcommon/images/blanks/userPictureMale.jpgKorey Aukerman2/23/2017 10:41:00 AM
    I really like the step-by-step process and how you also say to highlight the costs/negatives. I usually just look at the benefits of making a change, which causes me to be less proactive when trying to take action. I love how this can also apply to everyday life. If you want to make a change in the way you think, treat others, etc. you can also use this process.

  • /data/userPictures/3243AF74-6C14-4A30-9F93-4A87DE5AAC5A.jpgLeigh Ashton3/1/2017 3:22:21 AM
    Thanks Korey for your kind comments... Leigh