Look at your current selling environment and see which one of these keys is missing. Once you find it, you'll now know what to do!

One of the best ways for a sales manager to see how well his salespeople actually sell is to go along with them on a few appointments and observe them in action. These ride-alongs can either be highly productive or a total disaster, depending on how you as a sales manager handle the situation. [...]

Employee motivation can be an easy task especially when the team leader demonstrates the appropriate disciplines. The simple disciplines encourage employee motivation to happen naturally. The wonders of "monkey see, monkey do" approach. Find out how you can have the most important discipline of employee motivation.

In simple terms, a sales process is a systematic approach involving a series of steps that enables a sales force to close more deals, increase margins and make more sales through referrals. The 'series of steps' are customer-centric and help the sales force of a company to retain customers and increase sales volume as well as revenues. The 'series of steps' are systematic and not haphazard. Random acts produce random and uncertain results. In sales, random acts can be used occasionally, but a systematic and well-defined best practices approach can assure predictable results.

How do you propose to increase your leadership efforts during this weak economy and challenging sales environment? Remember your team will learn by your example and to coin a phrase: "monkey see, monkey do".

Managers and business owners are concerned that training might be wasted on some of their sales reps because their reps are either resistant, simply unmotivated, or are going to tune out. What I remind these managers and business owners is that the training isn't for "this group", but rather for the other part of their team that is actually going to use and benefit from the training.

What qualities or traits do managers or business owners that you admire have in common? Which ones do you most try to emulate in your own company? If you are in a position of authority and wish to become an effective leader, then find ways of developing or strengthening these four characteristics in yourself.

When someone gives you a compliment or recognizes you for doing something, how do you feel? Imagine, for a moment, being complimented by all your family, friends, staff and customers all day, every day. What would it do to your self-esteem, your self confidence and your self respect, and ultimately your self-worth - the bottom line?

Hiring the wrong salesperson is an expensive mistake in terms of both time and money. It's important to fully evaluate candidates during the hiring process so that you can minimize such errors.

Some kinds of sales training can't come out of an off-the-shelf textbook. Salespeople need company-specific training too in order to do their best.