The problem in today's society is most people are not aware of their attitude and possess little discipline. They tend to reward themselves without cause. If you associate recognition and reward with behavior whether it is appropriate or inappropriate, it usually is repeated. By combining attitude and discipline, you acquire an attitude of discipline equal to a 200% increase in your overall performance.

After 2 weeks of the NASP exclusive CPSP certification training, my productivity has take a tremendous leap forward.

Each year, millions set out to achieve their big, big goals and often start with the greatest of intentions but never make it to the finish line. The reason is simple, they do not set deadlines!. Deadlines can be used to your advantage and are proven to improve your success rate when trying to achieve your goals.

Have confidence, conviction and positive energy surrounding you at all times. In fact, studies show that the majority of success and good fortune is actually in your control. Practice these tips daily and you will form a habit of thinking positively and be one the road to designing the life of your dreams.

Employee motivation can be an easy task especially when the team leader demonstrates the appropriate disciplines. The simple disciplines encourage employee motivation to happen naturally. The wonders of "monkey see, monkey do" approach. Find out how you can have the most important discipline of employee motivation.

The more you do, the more positive the mind remains and the closer you get to peak performance. Everything comes in direct proportion to the effort excerpted. Do nothing and you worry and get depressed, which leads to low performance. You must know your vision and walk your talk, even during down times, to maintain peak performance.

The secrets to a do it now attitude are simple to apply. When you want to succeed at anything, you must master fear so opportunities can present themselves. You must have a healthy mind and focus on the positive in things versus dwelling on the negative and you must have a sense of urgency to want to get things done now. Do not wait until tomorrow. DO IT NOW!

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. -Tolstoy In any economy, learning to close the deal is a challenge for your workforce. Especially in these tough times, sales and marketing training can make the difference for your staff. Mastery of negotiation skills is a profound education.

At the outset the difference between sales training and sales coaching should be made clear. Sales training prepares sales professionals and sales coaching attempts at preparing sales champions. A sales coach goes on to work with the sales team of an organization on the remedies he has suggested. He gets on to the war zone leading from the front. By demonstrating that what he preached in the training room can be practical the sales coach inspires sales professionals of an organization.

A kung Fu master trains his disciples about the rigors involved in learning the intricacies of movements of the martial art form. Every Samurai warrior has a master. Business sales training prepares rookies in sales to learn the tricks of the trade. They benefit from the expertise of a sales guru's motivational sales training. Sales management training imparted by sales management consultants may target the sales process adopted by a business or its entire sales force for performance enhancement.