Even if one gets used to the rejection over time, the stiff competition from rivals, adverse market conditions, and the need to keep meeting or exceeding sales targets can affect the performance of a sales person. Even top achievers are not immune to this. At such times the antidote is the motivation from the sales manager. Applied in the right amounts and at appropriate times, motivation can lift the sagging spirits of the sales force. Their body language changes, they start performing better, and their results improve.

Hiring a sales training speaker for a one-time event is like taking a shower. It might enable you to be clean for a day, but that's about it. A sales training speaker can help, but only with strong support from management. A high quality sales trainer will provide you with the means to measure results.

Last, week, I wrote about the three main avenues to permanent change, discussing the impact of peers as an example. [...]

Okay, here’s something you may have never heard before, but it’s critical to understanding how you can get your people, your organization and yourself to grow: [...]

You strive for excellence in everything you do - especially your career. You read the latest books and you study the best new techniques. At times, though, you may wonder if it will ever come together. Surely there must be a better way. There is: it's called "modeling." In a nutshell, modeling means precisely duplicating the strategy of the person who is already achieving the result you want [...]

When we are born we are without emotions, desires, bravery, courage and on the opposite spectrum without fear. Fear is learned, as are all of our emotions. Some fear is legitimate and a good thing in certain situations, as a warning signal in bad places, in confrontation, etc. But once you learn to avoid that situation, or conquer that situation you won't need to live in fear of it. [...]