The challenge here is that most salespeople accept what their prospects say at face value and they make assumptions. Which means they fail to ask the right questions. Many people feel that they are prying and this prevents them from probing deeper to discover the impact and implications of the problem. Pick at your prospect's scab, then offer them a Band-Aid.

The weather is beautiful. It's time to get out, 'network' and meet new people. Yet three common networking concerns surface and might hold us back. The most common networking concerns that I hear are what I call the sales plagues of the "P". Fear of Being PUSHY, Plagued by Perfection, and The Pessimism of Possibly Hearing NO. Conquer the 3 most common networking concerns and turn these 3 "P" sales plagues into unlimited possibility.

Would you like a way to become instantly better at closing more sales over the phone? If so, then simply incorporate these "must know" questions into your first qualifying call and you will immediately have better results when you call back to close.

Sales training speakers, as well as other individuals in the sales world, are often confused as to what is a consultative salesperson. They may know when they find one, yet it is difficult for many to describe what it truly means. Sales training articles that properly describe the term pinpoint consultative selling on the dialogue that takes place between the customer and the seller. In order to achieve this, one must prepare himself or herself for this important interaction that takes place.

The most reliable revenue growth comes in two forms: repeat sales and referral business. To earn the reputation as the "go-to person" in your field, learn more about your product or service than anyone else in your market. Stay ahead of the curve for your industry's trends by obtaining the appropriate credentials and certifications. If you take the time to build your reputation as an expert in your field, new clients won't need to be convinced; they'll already be sold.

Remind yourself that regardless of how good your product is, you can only sell someone who is interested at that time and willing to listen to you. Bottom line - once you set an achievable call goal, write an effective script, and begin calling looking only for the buyers, calling will get much easier.

If your product or service allows you the chance to up sell your customer at the point of sale (and seriously, what product or service doesn't??), then you can instantly double and even triple your income if you know how to properly suggest and get your prospects and customers to buy more. Here's how to do it.

The reason hype works is because of the feelings that are generated with hype. There's excitement in the spokesperson's voice, enthusiasm and energy. There's the hope that whatever is presented really IS the solution to every problem on the planet.

How to Sell A Pencil

And Your Product Or Service

What separates top sales producers from others that struggle to make sales? Take the easy "How to Sell a Pencil" test to see how you stack up against the pros. Do you talk past the close, or do you know the secrets to top sales performance? Take a tip from some of the best "pencil sales reps" and change your script and opening to focus.

In today's day and age, obtaining a customer's trust is one of the biggest acquisitions any business can hope to obtain but we often let our marketing fluff get in the way of making a true connection. There is a tried and true method out there for really making a connection.... It is called sampling.