What should managers be doing to coach the sales people who need it? What are the things that can be coached on that can change productivity substantially?

When presented with a response such as, "I can't afford this" or "I don't have any money" there are a number of rebuttals that you can utilize to overcome this objection.

All too often, sales managers and salespeople pass off hype as enthusiasm, whether consciously or not. Hype appeals to the imagination, both on the part of the salesperson and customer. The problem with hype and imagination during the sales of product is that both always exceed whatever features/benefits said product might convey in reality. Nine times out of ten, this is a recipe for an unhappy customer. In sales, walking the fine line between enthusiasm and factual details is challenging but not impossible. The key to speaking frankly about the benefits of any product is

If you are in sales or looking to get into sales, you need to add the CPSP Certification to your resume!

All top sales people are vigilant about how they spent their time, and ensure that they are spending their time on those activities that lead to the highest return-on-time.

So it's the beginning of a new quarter and you're faced with meeting quota. The key question that haunts you daily: "How do I improve sales?" seems to dominate your thoughts. The top sales professionals know that asking "how" is the wrong question. The right question is "Who do I need to become to achieve the sales I'm seeking?"

Whether it's the right price, the right time or the right style, being able to access your sales training program in the way that you want to access it is key in choosing a sales training program

Sure. You've been there. The Rut. The moment when nothing seems to go your way, and no matter what you do, you can't seem to make the numbers budge. You want to improve sales, but it's just not happening. The truth is, we've all been there, and sometimes it can feel like an eternity before you get out of it. But the good news is, there are tried and true techniques to help kick you and your sales team out of a rut when your sales are just not where you'd like them to be. So -- what to do? Well, there are a number of possibilities to help your team improve sales.

When you are qualifying a prospect and trying to uncover a personal or emotional need, you want to probe deep inside to find the logical and emotional reasons why they may want what you are offering. Too many sales people will continue with the presentation without finding a motivation for the prospect to buy, and then wonder why they can't close the sale.

It does not matter if you are a green salesperson, a one-man-band starting your own business or a career salesperson starting off with a new company. The rules are the same! Sell or fail! This is true for every salesperson - everyday!