Aware salespeople are the greatest asset to any successful business; they will naturally display all the attributes we associate with success. Whether selling complex solutions or simple transactions, an aware salesperson will always stand out.

In order to increase a sales team's performance, an organization must make two changes. Learn what those changes are and how to implement them.

Sales staffing should be aimed at hiring the best, brightest, and most talented sales professionals. When selecting a superior sales candidate for your organization you should have a clear picture of the type of sales people you want to hire. You and your current sales team should be prepared to ask some tough pertinent questions of the candidates to determine who best to hire for the position.

For an organization to achieve long lasting profit and sales potential, they must have a sales process. Let's turn this now to a perspective about how a sales process helps the individual salesperson. The best way to describe it is with two words -- discipline and accountability.

Management can help their salespeople steer clear of discounting price by not allowing salespeople to have control over price discounting. Many times profit has increased not because of more sales, but because the sales that are made are more profitable (no price discounting has occurred). A salesperson needs to believe in their company's pricing as much as they believe in their selling skills.

More often than not, the buyers believe that by waiting, they will get a better deal. The salesperson will get scared and will think the only way to secure the sale is to offer a discount. Buyers believe this because experience has shown them that it works! They are looking for the salesperson to show some fear and some sense that the sale may not happen at all. Once the buyer smells fear, they know a better deal is about to appear.