I'm reminded of the quote 'All know the way; few actually walk it' (Bodhidharma). We're all guilty of not doing the stuff we know we should be doing. So if you're procrastinating on ACTIONS that you know will better your results, this exercise could really get you moving...

A question for you...do thoughts influence chance? "The Law of Attraction" burst into my personal consciousness several years ago -- and has played quite a part in my personal and professional life ever since. Not just me -- The Law of Attraction and "The Power of the Universe" have captured many people's imaginations in recent years. Well, several years later I can report that I find it a very useful tool in my sales armoury. Spooky? Kooky? Maybe -- but definitely something to consider. Whether it's a presentation, pitch, networking event, pending contract or something much more long term, the potential applications are limitless. Try it. It's a great technique for fine tuning your goals and ensuring they are more likely to be delivered. It will really help you to focus on what you want - and help you achieve it.

Let's accept the fact -- the current market is extremely competitive and in order to survive in this hostile condition you constantly have to look for ways to engage your customers.

Social media provides a platform for businesses to easily connect with their customers, and if you're using it correctly it can produce a 100% increase your bottom line. A good blog should be looked at an extension of your business and a part of your sales time. Blogs can perform a multitude of beneficial tasks and provide a business with an additional source of income, increased brand recognition, and enhanced customer interaction.

Social dynamics is the science of using nonverbal sub-communication to influence others. The consequences of not using proper social dynamics in your sales interactions are severe, and most of us don't even know we're doing anything wrong because we haven't been taught. So, that said, what can we do to make sure we don't short-circuit all of our efforts by using improper social dynamics?

Too often the difference between your business moving at the speed of molasses versus the speed of light is failing to ask your customers certain questions that will make a big difference in your business. Here are 5 important things all business owners should ask their customers.

An economic crisis is not within your control but can have an impact on your daily life. It is easier to allow external circumstances to take control than to develop a plan of action for the future. Your reaction to any crisis is very much within your control.

Whatever images you hold in your mind, in your consciousness, will always be manifested outward as your experience. It is the simplest of truths that you cannot hold one belief and image in your mind and manifest another. The exciting thing about this principle is that as soon as you truly understand and begin using it constructively with belief and expectation, you can turn anything completely around.

Your thoughts lead to your actions, and it is your actions that determine your results. But everything starts by your mental attitude, by what you dwell on all day long.

I've always thought that sales reps have an invisible dollar sign $ above their heads with a number that represents how much money they think they are worth. It is this financial image that determines how they perform more than any other single factor. It's more important than what the economy is doing, or how their leads are, or what their territory is like or anything else.