Create a Positive Energy Sphere Around You

Start by creating and harnessing your self esteem

While we as salespeople always look for internal motivation to drive our sphere of influence, we must create a positive Energy Sphere around our work and personal lives. This imaginative ENERGY SPHERE will automatically drive good thoughts and creative thinking, boosting our self esteem and confidence, which will further drive our professional sales career.

Your internal self worth, which consists of your self-esteem, self confidence and self respect, will become your external net worth. Your self esteem is all you have - what are you worth?

Sales managers frequently approach me for advice on how to keep salespeople motivated, especially when sales reps get into a rut - and seem to keep slipping deeper into it. Offer help without being overbearing. Put your trust and confidence in that salesperson.

I think most of us were taught and have gotten into the habit of treating prospects as superiors and as a result we tend to do whatever is convenient for prospects and otherwise kiss up to them. As time goes on and I work with more salespeople, I'm realizing that this idea of being powerful really overrides everything else, and once you can pull it off, it overshadows everything.

No one likes rejection. I don't know of any person who likes to hear the word "NO". It is a must to ask for the sale, because as Hockey player great Wayne Gretzky says, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."

We've all heard the numbers: Consumer confidence is down, retail sales are down. And for many of us, the markets we serve are down, as well. There is an important relationship to note here. Confidence - an attitude - is down, so sales are down. When confidence is up, sales follow. The principle at work here is this: Our actions follow our attitudes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge products and services by the way a sales rep presents them before a buying audience. People's perceptions about the company are formed based on the sales presentations they attend. This is a stage where the personality of the sales person comes in to consideration along with the product. The way the sales person speaks, what they says, how they answers questions, and how they dispels doubts all fall under scrutiny. An effective sales presentation can enhance the reputation of the company, help form a high opinion about the products, and can lead to sales of the products. As you speak out of conviction the feeling of authenticity gets transmitted and the audience starts to believe what you are saying. This could open the gates to future sales opportunities for which you are ultimately aiming.

Networking is a Con Game

Is It Benefiting Your Sales Motivation?

I believe we can and should. In fact, I believe our sales motivation is dependent upon how well we develop our "cons." Instead of associating "con" with its negative connotation, I suggest that you link "con" with the words Continuity, Concern and Confidence. I call them the "3 Cons of Networking."

You will always be your number one customer. If you're not completely confident in what you're selling, you will never come close to maximizing your sales potential. How can anyone be totally committed to a product or service if they don't even use it?

Confident salespeople believe so strongly in themselves and their ability to help that they're not concerned with making a quick sale. Rather, they want to make a great sale, which is usually much bigger and more profitable than a quick one. Your personality must be upbeat in both actions and words, and should be complimentary to everyone with whom you come in contact.