Interviews, it may be the single toughest part of any individual's job search, and yet, job seekers often compound their interview nervousness with lack of preparation and frequent mistakes. Interview mistakes can be avoided. The 10 biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them are as follows:

Everyone faces challenges on the job. Did you know that you can turn those challenges into resume accomplishments? Fill your resume with accomplishments and you'll have employers eager to call you for interviews. Learn this three-step method for turning challenges into resume achievements.

If you are like many other job seekers you've experienced the nightmare of going blank in a job interview. Nothing destroys a good job interview like brain freeze. Read how you can overcome the number one interview problem.

Hiring the wrong salesperson is an expensive mistake in terms of both time and money. It's important to fully evaluate candidates during the hiring process so that you can minimize such errors.

You've applied for a great sales job and have just been invited to an interview. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, and then start making preparations so that you can really shine.