Finding opportunities by overcoming the buyer behaviors that most sales people walk away from. Learn how to set aside some of the most common objections buyers present. Stop giving up and start closing.

If you are serious about changing your career and your life, then get in the practice of working on your mental attitude first. Adopt these 5 mental attitudes of winners to powerfully change your ways of thinking and to permanently change your results.

Most sales reps don't know how to listen to their prospects and clients, and this is why they have such a problem closing them. Use these three proven ways to improve your listening skills and watch your sales and income improve as well.

Think talking about the latest sports scores is building rapport with your clients and prospects? Think again. The point of relevant rapport is that your prospect will like you more and trust you more if you show an interest in their problems related to business, rather than their problems outside of business.

Handling the No Budget objection is difficult in any ecomony, but today it's even harder. Use these five rebuttals to overcome this objection and begin qualifying and closing more business today!

Do you know how to leave effective emails that get your clients and prospects to respond to you? When you follow these six secrets of winning emails, you will!

Have you ever lost control of the sale and not known how to get it back? Learn how to ask the questions that will tell you what your prospect is thinking and what you need to do keep control of and make the sale.

Having trouble hiring top sales reps? Use these three simple yet proven techniques the next time you're in front of a candidate and you'll instantly be able to tell who you're dealing with - a bottom 80% producer, or a top 20% producer.

How to Sell A Pencil

And Your Product Or Service

What separates top sales producers from others that struggle to make sales? Take the easy "How to Sell a Pencil" test to see how you stack up against the pros. Do you talk past the close, or do you know the secrets to top sales performance? Take a tip from some of the best "pencil sales reps" and change your script and opening to focus.

Follow this 5-Step method of setting short term goals and I guarantee you that your life WILL change 3 to 6 months from now.