Here's business to business telemarketing advice. A few simple changes can impact telemarketing results substantially. Engage more prospects and have more success with fewer calls. Prospects want value. Benefit statements and the right questions keep the prospect's attention focused on your service or product. Sound sales techniques encourage prospects to buy.

I think most of us were taught and have gotten into the habit of treating prospects as superiors and as a result we tend to do whatever is convenient for prospects and otherwise kiss up to them. As time goes on and I work with more salespeople, I'm realizing that this idea of being powerful really overrides everything else, and once you can pull it off, it overshadows everything.

Learn how to make cold calling work for you and your business with these 8 tips for becoming a confident and successful cold caller.

Having trouble getting your voicemail messages returned? By using these scripted, proven messages you'll be giving yourself the best chance to hear back from your prospects and clients. And remember, even if their answer is no, that's a lot better than chasing unqualified prospects who are never going to buy.

One of the most rote sales functions is prospecting. Sales managers have an opportunity to reduce this pain and make the exercise fun. The team that wins the championship isn't necessarily as skilled as the others, but they are driven to achieve. Get creative and inspire your team to crush the tomato!

Compare these questions (and the kinds of answers you'll get from them) with the kinds of questions you or your team is currently asking. If you're far off from them (in other words, you don't ask them at all), then you need to incorporate them TODAY. Not tomorrow or next week, but TODAY.

Have you ever lost control of the sale and not known how to get it back? Learn how to ask the questions that will tell you what your prospect is thinking and what you need to do keep control of and make the sale.

If you are in a position of leadership at your company, then you need to know how to inspire, train, motivate and lead people - all at the same time! By following these five secrets to exercising authority, you'll learn how to this starting today!

Having trouble hiring top sales reps? Use these three simple yet proven techniques the next time you're in front of a candidate and you'll instantly be able to tell who you're dealing with - a bottom 80% producer, or a top 20% producer.

Welcome back to the office, how do you feel? Overwhelmed? Under pressure already? If so, then you're not alone. As you speak with your clients and prospects this week, realize that they are all feeling this pressure as well. While this may seem like a bad thing, it can actually present a great opening for you.