Sales professionals are referred to as Hunters or Gathers. Only a small portion of people has both qualities. Hunters are naturally inclined to go out prospecting for new business and open doors. Gathers are nurturers. This type of professional is better at to tending to the relationship and allowing it to evolve. A good way to foster this exchange is to make it a practice to refer others when the situation warrants. This helps you believe that people will refer you. Use these three tips to be hunted more often in addition to hunting for business.

One of my first sales jobs I thought I was a salesperson (at least, that's what my business card said). In reality, I was doing nothing more than going around to grocery stores and taking orders from store managers. I wasn't selling. I was conveying information and providing customer service. Salespeople should focus first on selling.

Prospects become customers when they believe in the product, service and/or salesperson. Without a level of confidence, there is no sale. Prospecting can be hard, but the payoff is worth it. Grow your pipeline with the same focus as a committed athlete trains. In the end, the "gold" is worth it.

Eight years ago I was selling advertising for the Yellow Pages. Those who have sold advertising know it is certainly an interesting business to be in. Every year our company would send out a contingent of salespeople to renew and upgrade contracts with existing customers, sign up new customers, and share the newest and most recent trends in advertising. Our book was more than one thousand pages [...]