Shut Up And Take The Money

And What To Do When They Say, "Your Price Is Higher Than The Competition

Stop thinking you have to tell the customer everything about your product / service. You don't. All you have to do is inform them enough for them to think your product / service will help them solve their problem, need or want. And when they think it, they usually make a closing statement. Shut up and take the money!

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If you discuss price too soon then everything you say afterwards will seem like you are trying to justify the cost. However, when you demonstrate how your product will benefit the company and or prospect, your price will appear as a fair and equitable investment.

The best salespeople understand that before you can close the sale, you must open it. "Opening" means using well designed and delivered questions to thoroughly uncover as many aspects of the buying decision as possible. All of these "opening" questions pave the way for you by further revealing the prospect's situation, motivations, interests and processes.

If you want to know how to sell to a prospect, you need to first know how to ask them the right questions.

How old are you? Don't think of the answer! If you are like most people, by this point the answer has crept into your mind and oozed out into your consciousness. That's the ultimate power of a question. When someone asks a question, you think of the answer. Imagine the power of a more significant question, or better yet, a series of significant questions, to direct and influence the thinking of your customers.

In part one of this series, I made the point that thinking better is the ultimate success skill for a sales person, and that good thinking always came from asking yourself the right questions and writing down the answers. In this installment, I'm going to focus on questions to ask to drive your overall improvement as a professional sales person.

Questions to ask prospects and customers; and questions to ask yourself. Questions we ask ourselves are just as important, if not more so, than those we ask our prospects and customer. The reason goes back to the ultimate power of a question -- it directs our thinking.

Traditional sales training has led us to believe that we need to convince or influence prospects to buy our products or services. This only leads to buyer's remorse. It is time for a non-traditional, results oriented approach. We must engage customers in a solution oriented dialogue.

Turning prospects in to customers is a big challenge many business owners face especially when they are not skilled in the selling process. But having customers is necessary to grow your business so here are 7 simple secrets to turning prospects into customers.