Selling goods and services directly to consumers can be tough, but when you are in a commission-based retail store, the competition from other sales personnel makes your job tougher. Here are some suggestions on how to improve your sales despite the competition

There are several ways to motivate both yourself and your team and maintain a positive outlook on the future of your business

B2C, or Business to Consumer Sales positions are among the highest paid and most rewarding sales careers around. Here are just a few examples of some well known (and well paid) B2C sales careers.

The salesperson had product knowledge, but not sales knowledge. He didn't need to be incredibly "sales savvy," just confident in what he was explaining to me. If he would have merely spoken to me using a full and firm tone of voice, avoided using "um" and "ah" frequently, and shared his thoughts regarding my potential purchase based on his knowledge of the product and my input as to what I was looking for, he probably would have been able to close the sale.