Sales Training is one of the most effective ways of maintaining a motivated and results oriented team of sales professionals. However, sales training is also known to have an impact for only up to 90 days, or for one quarter of the year. For sales training to be effective, measurable against results, in today's economy, it has to be ongoing and consistently re-enforced.

Having trouble hiring top sales reps? Use these three simple yet proven techniques the next time you're in front of a candidate and you'll instantly be able to tell who you're dealing with - a bottom 80% producer, or a top 20% producer.

How to Sell A Pencil

And Your Product Or Service

What separates top sales producers from others that struggle to make sales? Take the easy "How to Sell a Pencil" test to see how you stack up against the pros. Do you talk past the close, or do you know the secrets to top sales performance? Take a tip from some of the best "pencil sales reps" and change your script and opening to focus.

Building rapport with a prospect quickly is the most important first step of any sales call. Use these three techniques the next time you have to make a cold call, and you'll have your prospect wanting to hear more.

Can you feel it? The signs of the economic recovery are everywhere. What's so interesting to me is that many of the sales reps and companies I speak with are still mired in the old, "bad news" and they seem intent on wallowing in it. Attitude is everything in sales.The best way to pass along your positive attitude to the prospects and clients you speak with is to have what I call an "Economic Recovery Script."

Stop Selling!

Learn How To Ask For Sales Referrals

Sales professionals work too hard. Stop selling! Let your customers sell for you through sales referrals. But first you need to learn how and when to ask. With a referral, there is instant trust and your selling cycle time is reduced. The time it takes the referral to buy is usually much less than any other lead source. What this really means is less hassle and more sales.

Outbound Lead Generation has always been inclined telephonic conversations. If one keeps in mind these mentioned techniques it will not only help one get positive responses but it will also keep you motivated.

In tandem with today's pace and mindset, speed selling has caught up with the imagination of buyers and sellers. Speed selling is a selling event or sales training process where a seller typically spends less time with each prospective buyer and moves on to the next buyer quickly until he finally makes a sale.

Cold calling is hard enough without making this huge mistake! Instead, use the word for word scripts here to instantly establish rapport and make more sales.

If you're in insurance sales and deal with these objections, "I'm happy with who I work with now", and "Why change what I have already?" then you'll love this article. It's good for those who get these objections in any sale!