In last week's "Tricks of The Trade" I explored the practical and psychological dimensions that impact on how small business owners price their products and services. And I promised that this week I would share with you a little-known tactic you can use when, as often is the case, buyers tell you "it's only about the price". It's never just about the price -- you just have to make them aware of that! This is a fabulous tip that you can share with your team to achieve sales success... Here's the scenario...

Having excellent communication skills is vital if you are going to achieve Sales Success. When you communicate with others you are creating an experience for the other person. Everything you say has an impact... even the smallest things. What's interesting is that every word you use will have unique interpretation for the person you are communicating with.

How frustrating is it when you put in lots of hard work for little or no reward? Perhaps you've been working on a tender for a big contract only to see it cancelled, or awarded to a competitor? Or you've given a fabulous sales presentation, only for the meeting to grind towards its end with no sign of a sale? Maybe you've quoted and you just can't get an answer no matter how often you contact them? What about when you think you've been fobbed off - they probably don't want your products but they won't tell you outright so you keep contacting them 'just in case'? We've all been there - it's frustrating and time consuming. The dilemma - do you chase old 'maybe' business or spend more time generating new enquiries?

When you purchase something, do you have a procedural preference or an options preference? Or are you wondering what on earth I'm talking about? I promise to explain, but firstly I wanted to send the message of just how much of a benefit it would be for you to know which of your customers buy with a procedural preference v those that buy with an options preference. Stick with this...answer the following question with your immediate response...even if it doesn't make sense to you.

I'm beginning to think that our sports stars have cracked this psychology thing. First we have last year's Olympic tales of success. Then Andy Murray finally wins at Wimbledon. The England cricket team secure the Ashes. Now, Mo and co are doing their stuff at the world athletics championships. Do they expect to win? Well I'm a big believer in you get what you expect, not what you hope for. So yes I believe they did. Do they work on building their positivity before a performance? Definitely. How do you put yourself in a positive state? What about your team?

It's not many years ago that email marketing was the next big thing. Now, many say it's a spent force. It isn't a spent force -- but your results will very much depend on the quality of your contact and customer database. And on the content of your email...

Be honest, which list do you believe in the most? Your answer will tell you a lot. Your answer will reflect your mindset. And it's your mindset which will ultimately be reflected in your behaviour, your actions -- and your results.

Cold calling is dead. Or at best it's on life support. Why? Because in 2006 anyone cold calling would make an average of 4 calls before getting through to speak to a person. By 2010 the average was 41 call attempts. That said, if you have to sell anything in your role, you'll need to make many 'coolish' or luke warm calls somewhere along the way. So this week...a few pointers to help you maximise those calls

Do you have a sales plan? Not a Business Plan. A Sales Plan? There's a quote that says 'If you don't know where you're going, you will probably end up somewhere else' (Lawrence J. Peter). You already know where this is heading!

A question for thoughts influence chance? "The Law of Attraction" burst into my personal consciousness several years ago -- and has played quite a part in my personal and professional life ever since. Not just me -- The Law of Attraction and "The Power of the Universe" have captured many people's imaginations in recent years. Well, several years later I can report that I find it a very useful tool in my sales armoury. Spooky? Kooky? Maybe -- but definitely something to consider. Whether it's a presentation, pitch, networking event, pending contract or something much more long term, the potential applications are limitless. Try it. It's a great technique for fine tuning your goals and ensuring they are more likely to be delivered. It will really help you to focus on what you want - and help you achieve it.