Well it looks like we're finally heading for some hot weather, at least in most parts of the UK. So this week I thought I'd share with you some of my common-sense summer sales tips. Every one of these tips will help you increase your sales success - IF you take action! Enjoy!

Do you want to know what lies behind pretty much every business success story? Look closely at any successful business, project, campaign, launch...you name it...there are just 5 key steps at play. I call them...The 5 Keys to Success

Last week I received a fantastic response to my thoughts on Procrastination and the negative impact procrastination can have on your sales success, your business -- and life in general. Defeating procrastination will make it much easier for you to get started on those tasks, projects and general 'stuff' you've been putting off. BUT...what about those jobs and other things you do where you can't seem to STOP? Another 'P' please! Perfectionism! How guilty are you?

Reading a recent newspaper article by Adrian Furnham, professor of psychology at University College London, reminded me of just how importance resilience is when it comes to achieving sales success. In fact I would go as far as to say that you would struggle to succeed in anything without resilience.

Today I entered 'time management courses' into Google. It produced "about 200,000,000 results" in 0.29 seconds. And yet time management courses are often a waste of time. Why? Because you know what to do. You know when you should be doing it. If you're not doing it, I'd reckon it's not about time management at all -- It's down to that 'P' word. Procrastination...

Of your most satisfied customers of 2013, how many of those customers have you asked for a referral? Most sales and business people never ask for referrals. Those that do often ask when it's too late - and make a fatal mistake when asking for them (more on that later). Yet referrals are just about the easiest, quickest and least expensive way of increasing sales and building your business.

It's great to hear more and more feedback from so many businesses that are really busy and thriving despite our sluggish economy. Yes there are challenges around - but lots of opportunities too, especially for small and medium sized businesses. So, what have the successful businesses got right? The basics...

Just because your sales process makes it sound like success from buying your product is a black-and-white issue, your prospects know differently. They don't always make rational choices.

Everyone will say they want to get rid of their problems - yet most go on to spend more time perfecting them! Whether it be a lost order, a sizeable customer complaint, new industry regulations pending, a personality clash, many seem unable or unwilling to move away from what is causing them angst. They think that the way to solve a problem is to think more about it! Round and round they go. Perfecting their problem. Nurturing it. Feeding it. Watering it. Wow - how did it get this big?

There are several ways to motivate both yourself and your team and maintain a positive outlook on the future of your business