To perfect your listening skills, you need to do these four things.

Update your Testimonials! "When you say something about yourself it's bragging. When other people say it about you -- it's proof!" (Jeffrey Gitomer) How good are you at collecting testimonials from your happy customers? Great? Then well done, keep it up! You're in the minority though! Many business owners simply never get around to it, or are a little bit nervous about asking or don't do anything with them once they've got them. Here are some 'off the top of my head' thoughts when it comes to testimonials. Ten Testimonial Tips...

As a sales professional, you face a dragon when you meet with decision makers in the organizations you prospect and present to. Here are five strategies to consider when you face your dragon. Close more sales by applying these five strategies when you have to face your dragons.

Just about every service business relies on some form of "proof" that they can deliver what they offer, and client testimonials are among the most sought after marketing weapons for business owners to have in their arsenal. But how do you go about getting a client testimonial that is worded well enough that you can actually use it?

One of the strongest marketing tools you have is your customers so why not use them to help get your message out and help build your business. A strong testimonial will allow you to instantaneously enhance your credibility, differentiate yourself and improve your close rate.

If low price were the only motivator, you would have gone with those lower priced options. But, you don't always buy on the basis of low price, so why should you think that all your customers do? They don't always buy the best value. But, they can invariably be counted on to buy the lowest risk! The biggest issue in the minds of your customers and prospects is not price, and it is not value - it is risk.