When you arrive at a networking event, avoid gravitating to people you know. You should initially thank the host and then immediately find someone new to whom to introduce yourself. This will help keep you in the right frame of mind as to why you came. Your consultative selling skills and sales motivation will be strengthened -- even if you won't be directly selling.

Are you a salesperson who is always scanning the sales landscape for ways to improve? Do you tend to your sales motivation with great care, never forgetting that you are indeed responsible for your level of success? It may seem that 33 tips is excessive, but honestly, if we are committed to our sales motivation, we will constantly be on the look out for even more sales tips!

Networking is a Con Game

Is It Benefiting Your Sales Motivation?

I believe we can and should. In fact, I believe our sales motivation is dependent upon how well we develop our "cons." Instead of associating "con" with its negative connotation, I suggest that you link "con" with the words Continuity, Concern and Confidence. I call them the "3 Cons of Networking."

We've all been there. After countless calls, meetings and an endless amount of work, you just can't get the customer to say "yes" and move forward. You have to be able to determine if the prospect is truly a prospect or nothing more than a suspect in disguise.

For an organization to achieve long lasting profit and sales potential, they must have a sales process. Let's turn this now to a perspective about how a sales process helps the individual salesperson. The best way to describe it is with two words -- discipline and accountability.

It is imperative that anytime you have a conversation with a customer, you ask for a lead. Don't wait! Develop relationships with people who are influential and come in contact with a number of other people, because they are the type who are most likely to generate contacts. You will find that your sales motivation and your profit are directly impacted by your ability to refine your ability to ask for referrals -- and to give them.

Quit Being a Salesperson

It's Killing Your Sales Motivation and Profit

As salespeople, we often hear so many different things that we feel the need to provide solutions for all of their problems. The key to being a successful salesperson is to focus on selling to the primary need of the customer, not on multiple needs. This will result in a higher closing percentage and, in the long-run, allow you the opportunity to continue the relationship by helping the customer solve the other issues they have identified.

Direct mail can be effective -- if done correctly. Always ensure that the direct-mail piece requires the recipient to act within one week of receiving it. Personalize Everything! Write out their address and a note in your own handwriting. In addition, mention a person's name to dramatically enhance the credibility of the message.

Shut Up and Sell!

Your Bottom Line Will Thank You

The only thing that really matters to be successful in selling is your ability to shut-up. When you listen, you will be able to sell more. And, the easiest way to achieve this goal is by asking more, short questions -- and then truly listening to the answers. So, shut up and sell, okay?

If we are serious about growing business, we need to focus our effort on the Loyal and Need-Based customer groups and merchandise the store to leverage the Impulse Shoppers. The other types of customers represent a segment of the business, but they can also cause us to misdirect resources if we put too much emphasis on them.