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NASP Seller Style Assessment

The NASP Seller Style Assessment is a brief survey that allows you to determine what type of selling style you predominately use, as well as identity your ideal selling style.

The survey is split into two sections. The outcome of the first section is to understand your CURRENT Seller Style, so answer these questions from how you currently sell.

My current seller style

1. Roles describe the actions and attitudes that you bring to the table. Select the column which most accurately describes how often you CURRENTLY play that role.

Role I perform at work

Role I perform at work

Role I do not perform at work

Adventurer - You are a risk taker, one who takes chances and explores the unknown.

Motivator - You encourage co-workers to accomplish more than they think they can.

Advantage Seeker - You look for opportunities to use in your favor.

Controller - You ensure things get done your way.

Preventing Hasty Action - You are cautious about taking hasty, potentially poorly-thought, actions.

Guardian of the Rules - You ensure co-workers follow the rules and procedures at work.

Friend - You are friendly and help to make others feel welcome.

Encourager - You nourish the development of others.

2. Indicate which of the following items you would describe yourself as regarding your CURRENT behavior in sales.

Go with your first feeling