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10 Sales Meeting Topics To Discuss With Your Team


Sales meetings are a key part of running any successful sales team, but they are all too often seen as just another tedious obligation, another item to tick off the workday itinerary. When used effectively, however, a sales team meeting can be an effective tool to help your employees perform at their best.

By coming up with useful topics for sales meetings and preparing for them thoroughly, you can ensure that you make the most out of this opportunity.

Engaging your team with a motivational theme and coming up with training ideas for sales meetings are even more measures you can take to ensure your sales team meetings help improve your performance.


In this article, we consider these various options.


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Choose Useful Sales Meeting Topics

When planning for a sales meeting, make sure to set an agenda in advance. Ideally, you should have a handful of recurring agendas that you cycle through over time. That way, your employees know what to expect from your meetings and won’t be caught off guard.

Make sure you choose sales meeting topics that will be of real benefit to your team. After every meeting, your team should feel more confident and better prepared for making sales. That way, you can ensure you’re doing your part to boost the efficiency of your company.

Below, we give a few example topics you can use in sales meetings and also give some advice on preparing for these discussions.


Potential Topics for Sales Meetings

If you’d like to have more productive sales meetings but aren’t sure what topics to cover during them, this section will hopefully give you a few ideas. 

Some ideas for sales meetings topics you should consider are:


  • Recent achievements. Starting by recapping any recent successes will help set a positive tone and show your team members you appreciate their hard work.


  • Tackle any issues. Your team members should feel able to come to you with any problems. Including these issues as a sales meeting topic provides them with the opportunity to voice their concerns in an open forum and get solutions.
  • Market analysis. Coming together to analyze competitors and investigate recent market trends can help your team members achieve better results.


Plan Your Sales Topics for Discussion

Deciding what topics you’re going to discuss during your meeting is only a small part of the preparation involved in running a useful meeting. As well as coming up with good sales meeting ideas, you should also plan how you’re going to deliver the information.

You might deliver a short PowerPoint presentation or provide handouts. Or you might take a more collaborative approach, like through brainstorming or Q&As. 

Whatever format you choose, ensure that you effectively convey the topic to your team.


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Energize Your Team With Motivational Sales Meeting Ideas

Many team leaders may not be sure of how to get their workers’ attention. If you deliver a dry, boring monologue, that’s hardly going to get your team’s imagination going.

That’s why you should try to come up with exciting and entertaining themes for sales meetings.

When you picture a sales meeting, you perhaps imagine a group of people sitting around a table, blinking vacantly up at a whiteboard covered with charts and graphs.

In this section, we hope to show that there are many more options at your disposal.


Grab Your Employees’ Attention With Motivational and Funny Sales Meeting Themes

Below are a few different ways you can ensure your sales team meeting captivates your audience:


  • Motivate your team members. During motivational sales meetings, focus on boosting morale and lifting your workers up while encouraging them to take ownership of their tasks.
  • Inject a bit of humor into your meeting. Meetings serve an important function, but they don’t have to be serious 100% of the time. For example, you might theme the meeting around pop culture to amuse and engage your team.
  • Get your team excited. Good sales meeting topics will help you to get your audience engaged during the meeting. But see what else you can do to get them involved and excited. Group exercises and competitions can be a great way of doing this.


Engage Remote Workers with Great Virtual Sales Meeting Ideas

The format of your meeting may change if you are holding an online meeting—an alternative that has become increasingly popular since the outbreak of COVID-19.

When running meetings for remote workers, think about what you might have to change about the meeting to ensure you still get through to your team. Also, ensure your sales meeting idea is one that translates well to a video call.


Some people may find it more difficult to stay focused during online calls. So, you might consider having shorter but more frequent sales meetings to help make things more manageable for your team.



Come Up With Sales Training Ideas for Meetings

Sales meetings can be a great time to break out some team training. It gives your team members a chance to learn from each other and grow. Furthermore, in a group setting, your employees may feel emboldened and more likely to make creative decisions.


Consider Your Team’s Weak Points 

When putting together training, think about which areas your team members seem to struggle in. Look over whatever relevant analytics you have and see if you can spot any problematic trends in the performance of your employees.

This should help you determine what areas to target in training.

And when in doubt, ask your team members! Some of them may have interesting ideas about what to tackle during training sessions.


Link Training Back to the Sales Meeting Topic

If you do decide to carry out group training, try your best to link it back to the overall theme of your meeting. This will allow your team members to put their new knowledge to practice during training, which will help embed it into their minds.

By choosing sales topics for group discussion and pairing them with effective training modules, you ensure that the skills your workers learn or reinforce during training are backed up by knowledge.


Rally Your Team With Effective Sales Meetings

Sales meetings, when prepared properly, can be an extremely useful tool for any team leader. But in order to benefit fully from them, you should make sure not only to select motivational sales meeting topics but also to back them up with training.

When preparing for your meetings, also consider how you’re going to deliver this information in a way that is engaging and easily digestible.

We hope that the advice in this article will help you to hold more effective sales meetings going forward!


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