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8 Low-Cost Packaging Ideas for Your Small Online Business

  Your packaging is more than just protecting your products. It also serves as an opportunity to connect with your customers. For one, your packaging showcases your branding strategy. That’s because customers should quickly associate a product with your brand. Second, it allows you to reiterate your core values. If you value sustainability, you can […]

11 Tips for Salespeople Working from Home

Image source: Unsplash The ongoing pandemic has opened our eyes to the realization that remote work is here to stay, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, most brands in the B2B space expect digital sales to be more than 50% of their business within 2 years. When it comes to working from […]

10 Ways To Increase Email Marketing ROI

Emails are everywhere! Email is the most cost-effective method of marketing and can generate an average ROI of 4400 %. In other words, you can earn up to $44 for every $1 spent if done right. But are you earning this ROI or anything close to it? What if your email marketing efforts have stymied […]

5 Ways to Align Sales and Customer Service Teams for Success

Image source: Pexels The way customers perceive your sales and servicing features will determine how they advocate for your brand going forward. Creating a cohesive, seamless customer experience (CX) for new and existing customers is very important. According to published reports, 73% of customers said CX is essential in their purchase decisions, with 43% ready […]

5 Business-to-Business Sales Development Tips

Image source: Pexels B2B (Business to Business) sales are defined as businesses or merchants that sell products primarily to other businesses rather than to consumers. Similarly, B2B sales are typically more complicated than B2C (Business to Consumer) sales; this is because B2B businesses frequently sell to professional buyers who are not only trained to get […]

Why Website Design is Important for Business?

Image source: Pexels The term “website design” itself clears much about its meaning and purpose. It is about designing a website, and the person who does it is called a website designer. Websites are made to provide information on the online platform. Therefore, anybody can create their website and design it according to their wish. […]

How to Use CRM to Increase Sales

CRM – A Tool For A Successful Business If you know the recipe to a successful business is your customers; it is easy for you to understand and think of ways on how to use the customer relationship management tools to the best of your advantage. The way you deal with you customer, talk to […]

How To Secure Online Transactions for Small E-businesses?

Image source: Unsplash Most of us would have come across stories and news of unknown or known people who were defrauded when making online payments or transactions. This is why several online shoppers are concerned about the safety and security of online transactions.  Online transactions for small e-businesses have to be safe and secure if […]

Want to Increase Sales and Rankings? Here Are 20 Expert Amazon Keywords Strategies You Need to Use

If something is constant throughout your Amazon selling experience, from the beginning and as you continue to grow your business, it would be keywords. They are the alpha and omega, and they will determine whether your listing will rank on the first page or the last. For campaigns, keywords will also determine whether your ads […]

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Driving Force of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Image source: Pexels. Every business needs a solid digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition in the industry. Smart tools and powerful software are the best way to level up your digital marketing efforts.  one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, aims at creating unique and personalized experiences for […]