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5 ways to promote yourself as a speaker

Image Source: Pexels Traveling around the world. Getting invited to speak at grand events. Being paid to share insights from your expertise and experience. And making a difference in the lives of others. That’s the dream many aspire to achieve in reality.  And as you may know, this dream is best realized with a career […]

4 Ways You Can Sharpen Your Focus to Build Your Business

Image source: Unsplash The day-to-day functions of running a company can send you all over the place. Urgent tasks and problems that crop up have you putting out fires while you’re also managing the less-urgent (but essential) projects at the heart of your business. Sometimes you need to take a step back and regain your […]

5 main benefits of Career Counselling

Career Counselling: The Guide to Making the Right Career Decision Career planning has never been easy. Whether it’s a student deciding on the subjects to take or making their initial career choice, it’s always prudent to seek professional guidance. Of course, some will argue trusting their intuition or getting advice from friends and family should […]

Health: The Hidden Key to Productivity

Low productivity can be a problem for employees whether they are working from the office or from home, even before the pandemic. There have always been a multitude of reasons that might lead to poor employee productivity (PEP), such as not fully understanding their role or the expectations of their position, distractions from other employees […]

How Women Can Give Their Careers a Much-Needed Boost

Here are some insights on methods for reaching new heights in your work-related goals. Are you looking for ways to improve your prospects, but aren’t sure where to start? If your career is in need of invigorating, you have a few avenues to explore. Here are some insights on methods for reaching new heights in […]

The 7 Principles that underpin a successful high performing sales team!

The 7 Principles that underpin a successful high performing sales team! In my experience there are 7 principles that underpin a successful high performing sales team. They are often missing when I start to work with an underperforming sales team and my mission is ensure they are firmly in place by the end of my […]

Raising The Glass Ceiling

How to Use Your Emotional Intelligence to Manage and Overcome Fear and Drive Results Who would have thought that it would have taken me half my life to finally figure out that I can trampoline my life to a new level of success and inner happiness just by understanding and acknowledging that I need to […]

One Question to Improve Your Career

In a 2006 Harvard Business Review article about the psychology of salespeople, the author compared the mind of the sales professional to that of the professional gambler. There are some key similarities between the two. Both operate in a binary environment of winning (closing the sale/winning the jackpot) and losing (customer rejection/financial losses). But, the […]

Is Relationship-Based Selling Dead? Navigating Modern Sales with Ryan Dohrn

Everyone knows that sales is a dynamic industry, but many people might not realize how to change tactics and keep up with modern trends. Ryan Dohrn spent the last 25 years doing just that. Ryan has worked in several industries with major companies over the course of his nearly three-decade career like Boeing, John Deer, […]

Motivation and Freakonomics

A while back, we posted a blog about Freakonomics and how it relates to incentives and motivation. The book is a favorite in the office and a very fitting read for our Month of Motivation. If you haven’t taken the time to read Freakonomics, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy this month. […]