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Knowledge Is Greater Than Information

YOU are more valuable to the client than their search engine! It’s no secret that today’s retail customer has access to infinitely more information on products and services than ever before. Manufacturers, retail outlets and third party reviewers alike are creating an information landscape which is tilted in the consumer’s favor. A Google search for […]

6 Digital Selling Skills Elite Sales Professionals Use Daily

Digital selling skills for sales professionals In a world where there are currently 4.39 billion internet users, every business is expected to be familiar with the core principles of digital marketing. Because people are consuming vast amounts of digital content, it only makes sense to promote the marketing and selling of products over the internet […]

5 Effective Sales Techniques to help you catalyze your Sales Process

The Sales Process Catalyst As sales professionals we always get stuck in a sale — client tells us he will get back to us or call us back. Repetitive follow ups will be on the tasks list to keep client on the loop and not lose the client. Accordingly many sales gurus, sales experts, and […]

Storytelling is the Key to Selling Yourself with Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard is an author, blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, and an internationally recognized consultant with five multibillion-dollar success stories on his resume. He’s the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth LLC, a company committed to the achievement of maximum ROI for businesses, big and small. While his clients include multiple fortune 500 companies, his true passion […]

How Cold Calling Can Help You Increase Your Sales

Cold calling is one of the oldest and most widely-used methods of increasing sales for any company. Despite its image of being an ineffective and time-consuming marketing activity, a lot of companies successfully leverage cold calling to drive sales. But what is it that these companies do to increase Sales using cold calling? They use […]

Is Relationship-Based Selling Dead? Navigating Modern Sales with Ryan Dohrn

Everyone knows that sales is a dynamic industry, but many people might not realize how to change tactics and keep up with modern trends. Ryan Dohrn spent the last 25 years doing just that. Ryan has worked in several industries with major companies over the course of his nearly three-decade career like Boeing, John Deer, […]

B2B Selling In a Retail World

Tailoring Popular Selling Systems for the Retail Environment Every few years a new sales methodology breaks through as the next big thing. While these breakthroughs are exciting for the sales-information industry and those sales professionals who successfully implement them, these innovations are dedicated to those professionals in the business to business (B2B) realm. Sales professionals […]

The Impact of Technology on the Sales Industry- Social Selling

The development of technology through time has brought many changes to the sales industry. Whether you are looking at the past decade or even longer than that, new inventions will and were always going to change how people sell their products and services. Take the invention of modern transport for example, the car brought the […]

Sales Plan

Hi group. Good Evening Everyone. Today I am writing to hear from you all about sales planning. I have a very vast experience in IT Software solution as a software consultant. And by the god grace now I have got an opportunity for sales manager where as I cleared my 1st round of an interview. […]

4 C’s of Sales

4 Styles of Selling by Creative 8 Based on my experience in sales I realized that there can be 4 different tactics a sales professional can adopt in the sales process based on the need of the situation. These techniques are not generally thought during our professional or academic learnings but it is learnt, understood […]