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A Boost In Sales? Why Sales Professionals Need To Know The Value Of Web Content 

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The average amount of content consumed on a daily basis has doubled in the past year, according to DoubleVerify. For people in sales, content consumption is something to take notice of — especially when it comes to effectively closing a sale. Content, as a whole, has changed how sales can be done. The point is to consider how that change applies to sales professionals: after all, there are some very real links between content, marketing and sales.

Content Drives Purchasing Decisions

The content in social media influences about 71% of consumer decisions, according to GlobalWebIndex. What this means for salespeople is that the content that their companies or content departments put out on social media has a big chance to affect whether a consumer will actually push through with a purchase or not. As such, it is crucial to take careful note of which sort of content on social media channels will put their product or service in a good light — especially in the e-commerce industry. As salespeople are also at the forefront of interacting with potential clients, they have a good opportunity to find out which content features gain the approval of consumers. This includes better accessibility for the online store, which should meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in order to include a wider market and secure sales in the future.

Video Content Garners More Attention

For sales professionals who have been worried about how to generate more interest from potential clients, content is an effective way to address that. Around 85% of marketers report that video content is a highly effective way to gain attention online, according to Animoto. Video content helps to establish a brand’s identity, so passive consumers may become gradually exposed, and even turn into active consumers because of video content. The advent of live streaming enables fresh and highly interactive content to go out and reach more consumers than traditional modes of content. Live streaming gives salespeople real-time metrics on the market they can sell to. A viral video can effectively change the public’s perception of the service or product, so it is crucial that video content is developed carefully.

Content Provides In-Depth Look Into Products And Services

Content, when used right, can provide a significant boost to overall sales. Some good examples of proper utilization of content are calls-to-action and product trials. These were present in the infomercial for Flex Tape, in which consumers were taught how to use the product, and there were calls-to-action to get consumers to purchase products in the future. Properly used content can also lessen the need for paid advertising, so sales professionals have one less thing to consider for their budget planning. It also provides clients with more touch-points to better understand the product before making a decision to buy or pass.

It is clear that content currently plays a critical role in generating sales. It has also effectively changed how companies are engaging with their audiences. Any salesperson who wants to do their job well should pay careful attention to how content is perceived and utilized. It also pays to further familiarize yourself with new content techniques so that you may further use them to boost your sales moving forward.

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