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Proven Ways to Become the King of Email Marketing ROI

ROI, or return on investment, is the measurement of how much you spent on an email marketing campaign against the sum of the earnings it resulted in. In other words, ROI is a ratio that shows if something was worth the trouble of doing.

According to recent studies, e-pigeons are quite effective: not only do they deliver the information you require, but they also collect essential data for your analytics with the help of specialized apps.


And what is more, the return on investment in email marketing is promising: as much as $36 on your account in return for $1.

Do you think you could challenge this number? If so, there are some vital points you should pay attention to:


Define Your Goals to Make Email ROI Higher

Set clear goals before composing a message. There are numerous types of emails, and deciding on your aims beforehand will allow you to introduce your business, engage your audience, or expand your presence.


The list is not exhaustive, but the most common types of email are:

  • Welcoming emails
  • Stand-alone emails – promotions
  • Empty cart emails
  • Newsletter emails
  • Transactional emails


Why? Each type of email pursues its own goals and has specific features. Treat the stages of e-communication like real-life communication. It’s inconsiderate to tell a stranger how great you are without first introducing yourself and getting to know each other, right? So, why would we do that in our online marketing communication?


Marketing Email Tip: “Hey, You Have Some Items Left”


Follow up with your subscribers with a reminder about their cart that needs to be revisited. You might be surprised, but this type of email makes a major impact on the effectiveness of email marketing statistics.

It has a high opening rate and often serves as a CTA, so people proceed with ordering the items. Besides, some people send the items to the cart to get to them later.


Why? According to statistics, this is one of the most effective email types to boost your sales. People don’t like unfinished tasks, and sorting out their cart might feel satisfying.


Your Email Marketing Success Rate Depends on Attention

You probably know this, but it’s still worth reminding you in the context of emails: using a personal (but not intrusive!) tone works great for email marketing ROI.

Just adding your subscribers’ first names to the message will increase their interest. Consider using whatever data you’ve collected when you get in touch: birthday, items added to a cart, location, gender, or age group can all be used to personalize an email.


UTM links (which help to track who’s visiting your website) will help you to track the most frequently opened pages and the time spent there.


Why? This is the best way to let people know you care. Being significant is what all human beings crave. Exclusivity, private VIP clubs, and limited edition promotions all use this principle to attract people. So why not borrow it yourself?


High-Quality Content Affects Email Marketing ROI

Pay equal attention to the form and content of your emails, using different techniques to make the content more engaging. This will contribute to your email ROI:

  • CTA (call to action)
  • Emotional triggers
  • An unusual fact or statistics


As for the design, make your text easy to read: don’t let its color blend in with the background, and avoid having too many anchor links. Consider a video or an appealing image, as people enjoy visual information.


Why? For better ROI on email marketing, make the subscriber anticipate your emails. The more personalized, informative, and relevant the content is, the better the chances your messages will be opened again and again.


Email ROI and Automation

Email automation software is a cost-effective helping hand for a marketer. It can send personalized emails in response to a client’s actions:

  • Welcome messages
  • Reminders of products that came back in stock
  • Items that are similar to those already purchased


Don’t hesitate to add this tool to increase ROI email marketing.


Why? It keeps your subscribers updated. With a welcome message, it’s great to know the subscription was successful. Emails that don’t require answers but just entertain are another way of reminding subscribers about your brand.


Inform your addressee about new items, services, or sales, and the chance they will end up coming to you increases.


Stand Out from the Crowd for a Higher Email ROI

Focusing on creating alluring subject lines that are attention-grabbing, personalized, and clear about what’s inside is a surefire way to become the king of ROI in email marketing.

Be careful with the idea of urgency. Yes, it’s an effective marketing tool, but when five subject lines in a row state, “this is your last chance,” it causes unnecessary stress.


Why? The subject line is the part of the email your subscribers will see first. We’re investigative by nature, and if the description corresponds with our interests, it’s a match!

A higher email marketing ROI can be a result of a brand’s creative line that puts a smile on someone’s face. After all, why not try to give your subscribers some positivity?  


Email Marketing Success with Mobile Optimization

We know that the pandemic has accelerated the process of brands increasing their presence online. But how can it be connected with email ROI?

Statistics say that the number of smartphone users in the digital space is 92.1%, so messages should be mobile-friendly. Does your email contain any visuals?


You should beware that it’s a disaster when only half of the page is depicted on the screen. If your subscribers are struggling to scroll through your email, this won’t have a positive input into your email marketing ROI.


Why? Smartphone-generated traffic is only going to increase in the future, even more than it has already. Modern devices support high-quality graphics and various apps and enable fast financial transactions. It’s a shortcut to your brand’s offers!


email marketing ROI


Tame Email Marketing

As you can see, the main idea of this article is that your efforts should result in a yield that will be profitable for your business.

So, bear in mind that email marketing ROI statistics represent just one metric among many to take into consideration.


Though there are special services and software for emailing, a human touch is always better. So, spend some time working on your email marketing strategy, then evaluate how your messages appear. They have to be:

  1. Of high quality
  2. Relevant
  3. Easy to open on any device


For instance, you can send one to yourself to see how it looks on a smartphone and then double-check whether there are any typos.

Clearly, the email marketing success rate shows that knocking on “e-doors” is still a reliable way to get leads.

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