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8 Money Management Tips: How to Manage Your Monthly Finances

Do you always seem to be out of cash by the end of each month? Or are you always relying on your credit cards to keep you going? Well, you’re not alone. According to a survey, over 77% of Americans feel insecure financially, and this usually boils down to poor money management.  Effective money management, […]

What Is Total Revenue? Definition, Formula, Calculation and More

The success of a business revolves around numbers. Although it’s also important to make sure your organization contributes real value to the community, numbers will determine whether or not you can continue fulfilling their purpose. One of the most basic things that any business owner must know is total revenue.  In this article, you’ll learn […]

How to Build Business Credit and Take Your Venture to the Next Level?

You can secure the future of your business with a good business credit rating. It ensures your accounts are in good health and you can be trusted.  In short, it would reflect your status in the industry while qualifying you for loans and other forms of funding. It’s a great tool for building relationships in […]

Best B2B Trading Websites for Growth

A new year brings new challenges! So is the case with the commercial trade industry. Finding and connecting with global businesses was never easy. But B2B websites came and changed the game. Now instead of investing in brick-and-mortar outlets, companies are focusing on creating a lasting online impression.   This gives rise to the question, […]

What to Prepare Before Raising a Venture Capital Funding

Pitching to capitalists for a venture capital funding for your startup can be challenging. That’s because VCs can be selective of the business that they want to invest in. It is their money, after all! However, it does not mean that they are stingy. Perhaps they do not agree to fund your business because you […]

Build a Home-Based Business for Long-Term Success and Autonomy

Image via Pixabay Home business ownership can be a path toward both financial stability and personal autonomy. It allows you to put your skills and training into the service of your own dreams, not someone else’s. Plus, for the socially conscious entrepreneur, managing your own business is your opportunity to live out your principles and […]

What can Marketing Learn from Sales Development Representatives?

While working towards a fresh campaign to introduce a new product, all the teams are required to work in sync be it marketing or sales in order to put the same communication across the market. Too often, the importance of working together is missed out when the teams are focused on setting the strategies and […]

6 tools for smarter budgeting for your business

There’s a lot to consider when running your own small business. From building brand awareness to attracting and retaining customers, a business owner’s to-do list is never ending. But, one thing is for certain, if you’re not budgeting correctly, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your logo is, and how many customers you have, making poor […]

How Fixed Deposit Gives you Assured and Steady Returns

A Fixed Deposit is a term deposit for a specified period of time where a fixed rate of interest is payable. The interest is payable monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. Upon maturity, the principal plus interest is returned to the depositor. Key Features of Fixed Deposits Assured Returns: When you invest in a fixed deposit, […]

Six Ways to Reduce Expenses When Running Your Small Business

Nowadays, small business owners face a number of challenges that many of their predecessors did not have to deal with. According to Forbes, small business regulation has recently increased at unprecedented rates. Compound that with reduced consumer spending and a struggling economy and it becomes that much more important for entrepreneurs and business owners alike […]