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8 Tips for Productive Sales Calls

  Sales calls are always challenging, but they don’t have to be difficult. If you know the right tips and tricks, you can make successful sales calls and achieve your goals. In this blog post, you’ll learn eight valuable phone sales tips that will help you make productive and successful sales calls – and it […]

The 5-Step Method of Handling Objections

  Imagine you’re trying to sell something to a potential customer. Your prospect explains what they’re looking for. Immediately, you think of the perfect product and present it to them, sharing its many benefits and explaining how it solves their problem. Everything is going swimmingly—or so you think. But then they hit you with: “I’m not […]

5 Qualifying Questions You Must Ask Every Time

  Effective Qualifying Sales Questions One of the most difficult parts of working in sales is learning to tell the difference between leads and prospects—that is, a qualified lead that has engaged with you and has the potential to become a paying customer. How can you determine which is which? A good way of separating […]

How to Structure Your Cold Calling Script?

A cold call is an outgoing call to someone who doesn’t know you or the company you represent. This means they are not waiting for your call. They aren’t seeking to establish a relationship with you. In these situations, you can’t count on a warm and welcoming reception. A challenging prospect –  this is where […]

Tips To Sell Your Product As A Solution To Prospect’s Pain Points?

As a sales rep, it is pretty natural for you to get attached to your product or service after putting in so much hard work into making its presence felt to the world. It can make you think that others would gravitate towards the features it has to offer. However, the ground reality is that […]

7 Tips to Ensure Your Prospects Are Opening Your Emails

Image source: Unsplash Email is by far the most efficient way to reach your prospects directly. However, more often than not, your prospecting emails will go unread, buried at the bottom of cluttered inboxes. Learning how to ensure that your emails are being opened is one of the first steps to improving your sales success. […]

6 Ways to Modernize and Personalize The Way You Communicate With Leads

Source Personalization has always been a cornerstone of effective marketing. And with so many different channels available now to reach your leads, why not make every interaction count?  Your leads will remember you and respond better if they feel like you understand them as individuals, rather than treating them like impersonal numbers on a spreadsheet. […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing A Sales Resume

Nothing in this world can match the competitiveness you’ll find in the sales industry. It is constantly changing, so you have to get your head in the game if you plan to enter it. And when you enter this particular industry, you should start with a well-written sales resume.  That means learning the dos and […]

3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority

[Webinar Recap]3 Tips For Becoming Your Prospects Top Priority:   “Just consider these statistics: The average cold email response rate is 1%, which means for every 100 people you email, you’re getting through to one person (and probably bothering the other 99)” (ClearBit). Lavender is an application for sales professionals to learn how to increase […]

5 Best Google Ads Practices to Grow Your Business

Starting a business requires absolute commitment. This means your efforts don’t stop after you make your first sale. In fact, it’s only the start of an often arduous journey. You want to keep the momentum going, and this means thinking of ways to increase your sales, build a solid relationship with your customers, and ensure […]