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What is an NASP Membership?

The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) is the largest online community specifically designed to grow salespeople worldwide. NASP is backed by over three decades of experience and success in sales and leadership, working with Fortune 500 companies and top sales professionals around the world.


  • Complimentary coaching call with an NASP Advisor – a game-changing conversation to impact your sales growth
  • Free seller style assessment with a customized coaching plan and complimentary feedback call to discuss results
  • Access to online training and certification programs that are conveniently available 24/7 on your preferred computer or mobile device
  • Access to the NASP Career Center
  • Notification of podcasts and Facebook Live events featuring industry-leading sales experts
  • Monthly newsletter with support for your sales success
  • Public NASP Sales Profile that is search engine-accessible
  • Ability to submit articles for publication on the NASP blog, along with hundreds of articles to support your sales growth
  • Social network of members, companies, peers, and experts to connect with and grow your sales career


NASP is the organization to turn to when you have questions about the latest sales trends, the best sales strategies and techniques, new ideas, and tools of the trade.



Interact with other members for networking and career opportunities. Learn tips from the industry’s best and brightest, and discover influence-based sales techniques to keep you at the top of your game.



You're serious about your career as a professional salesperson. You want to excel and become your personal best. NASP is proud to support you in your quest for Sales Excellence!