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The Mindset of a Successful Salesperson: 9 Attributes To Acquire for Driving Results

Salespeople have quotas to meet, key performance indicators (KPIs) to hit, and return on investments (ROI) to generate. However, their goals all boil down to one thing: making successful sales or winning new customers! But here’s the sad truth: nearly three-fourths of salespeople fail. That makes the average sales success rate only about 3% across […]

Tips for Developing Strong Leadership Skills to Motivate Your Sales Team

In the high-stakes world of sales, the ability to motivate and inspire a team can make or break a company’s success. Strong leadership skills are crucial for cultivating an environment where salespeople can thrive, grow, and exceed expectations. This comprehensive guide will provide actionable tips for developing strong leadership skills to effectively motivate your sales […]

The Power of Inclusivity: How Multicultural Marketing is Changing the Game

In 2017, the popular makeup brand CoverGirl made headlines by appointing its first male brand ambassador, James Charles. This move was a significant departure from traditional marketing strategies, which often relied on gender stereotypes to target their products. By embracing inclusivity, CoverGirl was able to connect with a broader range of customers, including those who […]

5 CRM Business Solutions Built For Large Enterprises

CRM business solutions are embedded in the DNA of modern enterprises and are an integral part of commercial success. They have become widespread, so there are now many different CRM solutions on the market. This article will overview the 5 best CRM business solutions built for large enterprises.     Salesforce Perhaps Salesforce can be […]

How to Use Technology for Managing Sales More Efficiently

Do you want to track your sales and leads manually? Do you want to streamline your sales process and make it more efficient? Well, look no further than technology! Technology can help you easily manage your sales pipeline with the right tools and strategies. As a sales leader, you need the right mindset to manage […]

Women In Sales: Why We Need an Inclusive Industry

There’s no denying that many businesses have ramped up their DEI efforts in recent years, yet the sales industry is struggling to keep up. In fact, the U.S. Census American Community Survey found that the sales industry has the third largest gender equity gap in America, despite studies proving teams with more gender diversity outperform […]

Get Certified And Take Your Sales Career To The Next Level

Sales can be a fruitful career, so let’s find out how to take it to the next level. There are around 13 million salespeople in the United States. However, only 20% of the salespeople close 80% of the sales. So, why do the rest of the 80% struggle to close any deals? While most salespeople […]

Your Guide to a Flawless Sales Contract Management Process

The process of completing and settling all components of a contract is the mainstay of hitting sales targets. When sales contracts are signed more quickly, sales cycles become shorter, and sales teams have more time to focus on bigger, better deals. It helps organizations reach all their revenue goals more quickly. Simply put, the effectiveness […]

11 Tactics to Drive Your Account-Based Marketing Process

Account-based marketing, or ABM, will continue to be a significant trend this year, driving personalized marketing in communications that customers expect.  Simply put, ABM utilizes the expertise of both sales and marketing teams to target a specific group of accounts to create a tailored experience.    Moreover, there are a lot of benefits that the […]

33 Tips for Selling Success

Are you a salesperson who is always scanning the sales landscape for ways to improve? Do you tend to your sales motivation with great care, never forgetting that you are indeed responsible for your level of success? My guess is that the below 33 tips will resonate with you!     1. Early Morning Voice […]