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3 Essential Steps to Improve Your Ecommerce Customer Experience

Here’s the thing: Having a product is not enough for your ecommerce business to thrive. This is where ecommerce customer experience comes in. Sure, you must sell a quality product. However, it is not the sole solution to attracting, engaging, and retaining your customers. In fact, the 2019 Yotpo State of Consumer Loyalty reports that […]

8 B2B Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business in 2022

Many owners of B2B companies might think that social media marketing is a waste of time for their business. This idea stems from the fact that the customer of a B2B company is another business, and therefore, they don’t need to reach out to them on social media. This thought has now been completely rejected […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing A Sales Resume

Nothing in this world can match the competitiveness you’ll find in the sales industry. It is constantly changing, so you have to get your head in the game if you plan to enter it. And when you enter this particular industry, you should start with a well-written sales resume.  That means learning the dos and […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Digital Sales Team In The Loop About Major Business Process Updates

For your digital sales team to thrive, you need to keep them in the loop about everything that’s going on within the business. Any major process updates need to be addressed on time, to allow your staff to prepare and make the necessary adjustments to the way they work.  When you align your sales and […]

How to Use Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Image Source : Pexels In many cases, reviews are more effective at driving sales than promotional content and paid advertising. Customer reviews influence the purchasing decisions since it boosts their trust in the business.  Customer reviews in marketing are a form of social proof. According to the social proof psychology principle, when people are uncertain, […]

How to Use Video to Attract New Leads

With just the topic on a blank page in front of me a strange thought crossed my mind – Am I preaching to the converted? Why should I write about lead-generating video content when most people already know the importance of the audio-visual medium? These questions again forced me to research the topic. After hours […]

6 Crucial Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Monitor

  If you want to improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing campaigns, you need access to data. Sales volume is a good starting point to measure the performance of your B2B marketing campaigns, but it isn’t the only one.  A sales pipeline enables you to track your B2B buyer’s journey from leads and […]

What to Prepare Before Raising a Venture Capital Funding

Pitching to capitalists for a venture capital funding for your startup can be challenging. That’s because VCs can be selective of the business that they want to invest in. It is their money, after all! However, it does not mean that they are stingy. Perhaps they do not agree to fund your business because you […]

7 Social Media Scheduling Tips and Tricks

You can spend weeks crafting the perfect social media post, only to have it flop and fail to engage because it goes live at the wrong time. This is where scheduling is your greatest asset, giving you the opportunity to help your content gain serious traction. Of course, to master scheduling, you need to know […]

5 Top Skills That Are Necessary for Sales

Image source: Unsplash When it comes to the popularity of the sales manager occupation, the numbers speak for themselves. There are around six million sales professionals in the US, and probably two times more worldwide. But that doesn’t mean that all of them are successful in their careers.  You need to keep in mind a […]