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How to do online sales in the US? Cultural differences

Today, sales is a process that follows you from the beginning of your company journey. And it is crucial that you know this process, and if you are skilled at it – it will be super beneficial. However, online sales in the US have its specifics, America is a land of possibility, as a huge […]

How To Gain Sales Experience for Those Looking to Get into Sales

  Are you seeking sales experience to prepare you for a career change or success in sales marketing? Starting a career in a field without experience can be quite challenging.  For beginners, the sales field is easy to enter and does not require a specific degree. As these jobs offer training and mentoring, it is […]

5 Effective Ways to Use Search Intent to Improve Rankings

Source Is your bounce rate higher than the industry average? Or is your content not ranking on page 1 of Google organic search for relevant keywords? One of the reasons for the same is your content does not fulfill the user’s search intent. Now, what the heck is Search Intent? Imagine asking a question to […]

How to Write Your Sales Value Proposition

What is Sales Value Proposition? A sales value proposition is the unique selling point of your service, product, or anything you offer to the customer/client/prospect. Most organizations put a limited amount of time on this feature and focus much of their attention only on doing what the competition is doing. Therefore, it’s one of the […]

5 Dropshipping Tricks & Hacks for Amazon in 2022

With millions of people globally using the platform, Amazon is one of the world’s premier companies, especially in North America. The addition of the app has made access to Amazon easier causing it to be more widespread. When you consider how high loyalty among Amazon customers is, the opportunities to explore the possibilities present themselves. […]

Visual Elements on Your Site to Help You Sell More

Image source A website should be effectively able to communicate what it stands for to others. A nicely designed user interface can help with that and cement your USP. A good user experience can make the case for marketing and selling a product. It portrays the details of what the user wants and needs from […]

Closing Sales Deals Over the Phone: 8 Steps for Success

Image source: Pexels Closing a deal involves more than getting a prospect excited about your product. A closing call is arguably the most critical part of the sales funnel, even if it occurs long after first contact has been established. Although some closers are more effective than others, there’s no great secret behind a successful […]

Top 5 Google Ads Metrics to Measure Advertising Performance

Business-to-business companies can capture efficient, fast leads with a successful Pay Per Click campaign. If your PPC strategy is organised and well-planned, you could achieve successful click rates of 65%. Eventually, you should benefit from increased website traffic, brand awareness and a much greater Return On Investment (ROI). According to Statista, digital advertising in the […]

8 Great Reasons to Give Out Awards and Trophies Within Your Company

Image source:  ALT Keywords: Happy employee holding trophy. Many companies are waking up to the fact that giving out awards or trophies to their employees has many advantages, both for the workers and the business.  If your company is not yet giving out employee recognition awards, here are eight reasons why you should certainly […]

The Empathy Angle Missing in B2B and SaaS Sales

Image Source: Pixabay  Software as a service (SaaS) and business-to-business (B2B) sales can’t be treated the same as selling directly to consumers. Not only are there more people involved in the decision-making process, but it also tends to be a much longer journey from the first interaction to the actual sale.  But one thing SaaS […]