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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Driving Force of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Image source: Pexels. Every business needs a solid digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition in the industry. Smart tools and powerful software are the best way to level up your digital marketing efforts.  one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, aims at creating unique and personalized experiences for […]

How Dropshipping Can Increase Ecommerce Store Sales

What is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a form of selling online. Unlike other ecommerce business models, dropshipping doesn’t require you to actually ‘own’ your inventory. Instead of having to pay for, ship, store, and dispatch your goods, you simply take the order online, pass it along to your supplier, and let them do the rest. The […]

How E-Commerce Copywriting Can Increase Your Sales Pace

Image source As for e-commerce copywriting, you can see a lot of different advice on it which is sometimes rather contradictory. For example, some people believe that a landing page should be very short to boost sales. Others agree that you should make it longer and more detailed because your potential client needs to understand […]

The Rise and Fall of Email Marketing (Can it Rise Again?)

In 1978, a man named Gary Thuerk sent the first unsolicited bulk email to 400 recipients. The email promoted a new computer model by the company Digital Equipment Corp. Even though it’s now dubbed as the first spam message, this email was a resounding success, resulting in a $13 million sales increase for the company. […]

How Web Accessibility Plays Into SEO

Image source: Pexels SEO can be a difficult beast to tame. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, another metric to watch or guideline to consider ends up affecting your search results and site performance. No matter how much SEO training you’ve had, there’s always something you can improve on. Accessibility happens to be […]

Top 5 Ways On How To Drive More Traffic To Your B2B Website

For a B2B website, the first and the foremost priority is to acquire maximum “quality leads” and that can only be possible if your website is driving consistent traffic.  Are you seeing the expected traffic on your B2B website?  If not, you’re most probably at the right place and this blog will walk you through […]

Smart as Opposed to Hard: How Sales Automation Software is Recreating the Professional Business Community

Image source: Unsplash Traditional aspects such a developing a rapport with the prospect and appreciating the needs of the average client have always represented some of the keys to success. However, it is also important to recall that we now live within the digital age. Well-known methods must be augmented with modern strategies if you […]

Best Ways to Use Content Marketing to Boost Organic Search

 Image source It’s no secret that content has been regarded as king in the marketing world for some time now. It’s really no surprise when you consider that content actually provides online consumers with real value. Oftentimes, that value comes in the form of education, information and entertainment, among other things. It’s safe to say […]

How to Use Quiz Funnels to Grow Your Sales

Image Source: Pixabay Digital marketing allows you to offer a wide variety of content types to your audience according to their position in the customer journey. Your content may engage your audience about your brand, inform them about your products, or convert them into customers. However, it appears like everyone is offering the same type […]

How to Sell By Not Selling

Sales funnels are a simple, yet effective way for marketers to build a marketing funnel that starts with awareness and ends with conversion. When it comes to sales funnels, content is the fuel that drives your engine forward. Not only do you want to educate customers on who you are, but you also want them […]