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Upgrade Your Mental Operating System for Success

The strongest force in human nature is to stay true to the identity you hold of yourself. Your identity is made up of the beliefs, experiences, values, decisions, and judgments that distinguish who you are and make you unique. Your identity and your self-concept impact not only how you view yourself, but also how you […]

Why An Entrepreneurial Mindset Is More Necessary In Salespeople Than You Think

Between unread cold emails, low conversion rates, and the never-ending struggle to book even a single meeting, a salesperson has to hurdle many different obstacles before they can close a lead. While people talk about communication and persuasion skills when it comes to sales, another set of traits can help bring in more paying clients. […]

Online Sales Reach A New Level In 2021

Online sales are often a good indicator for those trying to understand in which direction e-commerce will be moving in the nearest future. Indeed, both marketers and business owners need to take note of the latest developments in online sales to better understand what their further marketing actions should be. Hence, here’s everything online store […]

Creating Balance to Find Success

As a busy sales professional, you spend a lot of time focused on your career and your sales team’s success. Like other successful professionals, you may realize you neglect other areas of your life, like your mindset, health, and relationships.  In order to achieve at your highest level, you want to show up in your […]

What is Your Wealth Identity?

The strongest force in human nature is to stay consistent with the identity you hold of yourself. Your identity is who you believe you are: I am a sales person, I am a mother, I am a master influencer, I am not a closer, I am not good on the phone. Any statement that begins […]

The Power of Purpose

Have you ever set out to do something new and simply lost interest along the way? Whether it’s making a decision to work out more often or learning to speak a new language, at some point, we’ve all been in a position where our old habits ended up trumping the new ones we wanted to […]

Increase Your Sales Team’s Performance in 2021

The most powerful way to increase productivity within your sales organization is with an effective and proactive performance review and coaching system.    Most organizations provide their employees with an annual review – a look back at the past year’s performance. While somewhat useful, this strategy does not support employees in changing habits that may […]

Creating Dynamic Energy to Increase Sales

There are four dynamics of energy reflective in all human interactions. Many salespeople and leaders are not aware of the impact these four dynamics have on their success. If you are not experiencing the success you desire, then most likely the energy people are sensing during interactions with you are turning them off.    The […]

The Secret to Success

Many people set a goal for themselves and then immediately determine the strategy they will use to achieve the goal. Leaders often believe that if people are given the right strategy and work hard, they will achieve the results they desire. They assume if people are not achieving their goals, they must not be working […]

6 Steps to Lasting Change

People want to change and grow; that is how we are wired. The problem is that most people either don’t know how to change or they won’t put in the effort to create lasting change. NASP has a proven system with clear steps you need to take to create the life you desire and to […]