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Our Commitment To You

It’s not just studying sales information — it’s building new sales success habits


As a salesperson, you rely on your ability to make things happen, and having a roster of techniques and skills at the ready is an essential part of that ability. But when it comes down to it, research shows that it’s not your techniques or your skills that make the difference in closing a sale – it’s your approach, it’s how you interact with others, and it’s how consistently you perform and execute.


Attitude, competence, and effort - the three components of growth

Take a moment to think of the top sales professionals around the world. What makes them great? What makes them successful? How do they operate so they get amazing results every time?

At the heart of it all, top sales professionals are A.C.E. performers. At NASP, being A.C.E. means being at the top of your game when it comes to your attitude, your competence, and your effort.

In the business world, we often focus on competence, thinking that learning new or better ways to sell will be the ticket that brings in greater sales. Yet in spite of all that you know – in spite of all the competence you’ve gained – from seminars, from training programs, from sales books – how often have you implemented what you know and still not seen a difference in your sales?

The truth is, you can’t just rely on competence and learning more and more and more. You have to change your attitude. You have to change your effort, and that’s what growth quotient, or GQ, is about. It’s about maximizing every aspect of you as a performer – as a salesperson – to continually operate at the highest level and achieve at the highest level. It’s about growth. When you grow as a person, you grow professionally, and your sales follow suit.

What if you could more consistently manage your attitude and focus?

Building your competency and skill as a salesperson is certainly an excellent way to help you in your growth, but you know that sales competency alone is rarely what is holding you back from higher levels of success.

NASP wants you to become the best at sales you can possibly be. Whether you are new to sales or a top sales professional, if you were able to consistently manage your attitude and focus before, during, and after every sales interaction, and you were even more consistent in executing everything you already know at a higher level, wouldn’t you very quickly see an increase in your sales?

Every sales professional who’s grown with us has seen their sales increase. The simple fact is, the proof is in the pudding, and sales numbers don’t lie. Our CPSP program takes you from where you are and supports you in changing and growing your attitude, your competence, and your effort so your sales career grows right along with your own personal growth.

With the Certified Professional Salesperson℠ course, our first priority is to help you shift your habits to more consistently and effectively strategize, interact, influence, and perform at the highest level. When you become a Certified Professional Salesperson, you will craft the sales habits that will ensure your success – in the short-term – and in the long-term, for life.

Wherever you are in your sales career - whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned professional - becoming a Certified Professional Salesperson will change your career for the better. Sign up today!