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The lessons I learned allowed me to gain the title of “salesman of the year” across the country within my company.

Adam G.

I cannot say enough good things about NASP. I have completed two programs with them so far: CPSP and The Power of Contact Marketing. Being self-employed, the accountability factor is key for me. The NASP and its programs have also made me more consistent with my positive energy and attitude. It has taught me techniques to shut down those negative thoughts that happen to cross my mind and turn my focus back to positive thoughts. The NASP and its programs have also improved my focus at work and in my personal life. My mindset and vision are much more clear, and I handle challenging situations much better now. I have also started writing my goals down more consistently, and I have adopted the stretch goal philosophy as well. Rod’s videos are second to none, and Rick, my program advisor, scores a perfect 10 in my book. Good habits have been acquired, and bad habits have been buried due to the NASP. I give the NASP, Rod, and Rick my highest recommendation.

Edward M.

I am pleased as punch for the valuable tips integrated into this fantastic program. NASP has provided me with deep insights and valuable tools that have improved the way I interact and communicate with the selling world and my clients. Without this program, I would have stumbled through my first occupation as a salesperson, not knowing the psychology behind why people buy, and why they would or should from me. Now I am more confident in being a salesperson of integrity. I look forward to sharing my story and exceeding the refreshed and solid goals that I have set for my personal and professional growth. The future is bright thanks to NASP and my CPSP mentor-extraordinaire, Rick Middlemass.

Cyndy R.

I just finished this certification process and was greatly surprised about the content it provided me, as it was opposite to what I was expecting. I’ve had a decent, but not great sales career due to the inconsistency that ruled my life before finding this program.

I had tried books, seminars, blogs and different aspects and nothing kept me rolling and getting consistent results, as I thought the sales were merely temporary. On the other hand, the motivational books, quotes and videos provided instant gratification and motivation action, but then they disappeared, leaving me on the same spot where I began.

I highly recommend this certification program due from day 1 you begin to put in action the knowledge and insights it provides and it keeps programming and conditioning the most powerful asset, your mind, to achieve anything.

Thanks, Rod for bringing this program and thank you Rick for your support through this wonderful process.

Héctor U.

I first joined NASP, got grandfathered in with Lifetime CPSP in 1995 (Michael Reagan era), and am listed in the Registry of Who’s Who. NASP offers a plethora of contacts and resources to grow your professional sales/sales management career. All you have to do is reach out.

Dave H.

Going through the Certified Professional Sales Person course was the single most important thing I have ever done for my career. I learned not only about the fundamentals of sales, but more importantly how to internally support my sales career by taking the time to build the habits, actions, attitudes, goals, and visions of the professional I knew I could become. Throughout the course of my certification, I increased sales and was recognized in my career with a promotion. This Association and certification are the most valuable tool I have.

Molly J.

There comes a time in your career when an impasse is reached. Subconsciously, you ask yourself “Should I go left, right, forward or reverse?” During this stage of indecisiveness, I came across NASP, and the CPSP certification program was the compass needed to point me in the right direction!

At first, I was somewhat hesitant but became an ardent believer after receiving positive outcomes each time a specific concept was used. For instance, the Law of Authority gave me the ability to influence executives in selecting our solution over several vendors in an RFP. I often relied upon the Four Laws of Focus when certain times felt insurmountable and the result ended favorably. And, just when I felt the presentation section of the curriculum was inapplicable, I was requested to conduct a product training for a large audience and the pointers given was directly responsible for a successful delivery.

Whether entry-level or highly experienced – I would definitely recommend it!

Paul L.

I would like to thank the visionaries of NASP. I am an awesome salesman and I often pat myself on the back lol… However, recently I’ve found myself itching for a change. To become GREAT after listening to E. Nightingale!!! I didn’t want to go to work I was so focused. No physical ailments (mental yeah). Nothing plagued me. I woke up and realized I wanted a true sales challenge. I needed to accomplish something meaningful, so I looked up sales certifications. I reviewed a ton. I wanted to become a CPSP!

The web site is the best. Life is too short to waste away my talents and skill at the bottom of a river. Who wants to be a catfish when we can be piranhas swimming upstream. We sales professionals have an inherent ability to be great. None of us were born to be salesmen/women. We evolved. I joined this great community because I don’t accept mediocrity and love being in the company of others who share similar values. The certification has given me more than the edge I’m looking for.

Lu W.

I have been influenced by NASP to search for my first goal in sales, thanks to you all.

Archibald F C.

After a 30 year career in Human Resources leadership, I now find myself co-owning a business and being the lead business development person for my company. I know I needed sales training but I did not have a large budget and there is only so much you can get out of reading books. When I found the NASP website, I was drawn to the professionalism and the comprehensiveness of the resources that are available. I have been a certified HR professional since 1995. When I saw I could become a Certified Professional Sales Person, I was intrigued. When I saw the program was every day over a 45 day period I realized they were serious about this certification bit. Learning happens best when it is over time, not just over a concentrated 2-day event, for example. The class was focused on all the right things but the big thing for me is: salespeople deal with rejection all the time. The training really reinforces the power of a positive attitude and body language in being successful.

Cory E.

The CPSP course so far has been great. There is also a lot of great blog content on a variety of topics. I look forward to writing my first article soon.

Jim C.

I recently finished my annual check-up and physical. I also did a “check-up from my neck-up” reviewing my goals and objectives for the new year as well as evaluating my accomplishments from last year. Last year was great and exciting! I realized it all started with obtaining my CPSP Level 1 certification. The program was intense and exactly what I needed to get on track and grow. It helped me develop new habits that expanded my comfort zone more than I have in recent years. I’m looking forward to growing and expanding more and NASP will help me along the way.

Edgar J.

As an upcoming salesman still in high school, joining NASP has been incredibly beneficial. What I get the most out of are the articles which range in all topics in the sales industry, written by sales professionals themselves. With these, I’ve been able to learn and apply so much more about the trade, and grow as a salesman.

Andy Z.

Thank you for this outstanding program. I thought that I knew a lot about sales goals, objectives, and successful sales habits — but I was clearly not getting the results that I wanted. By consistently applying the new habits and mindset I learned during the CPSP program, I already have increased my and my teams sales by 50%, and I am building stronger relationships with my customers.


Sabine G.

NASP and the Cpsp-1 Certification program has been life changing for me personally. I believe that the Cpsp-1 program is for the MIND like your morning EXERCISE program is for your BODY. It helped me identify areas in my life that I wanted and needed to change. It enabled me to implement positive change with commitment and consistency over 45 days. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve themselves. My focus is on my clients and everyone in my life. With this being said, the better “Me” that I can be, the better I can be to everyone in my life. Forever Grateful for this program and Association.


Tammy M.