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5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson must ask

Effective Sales Phrases for Closing Closing is a crucial part of the sales cycle, and yet it is occasionally overlooked. So much attention is given to generating leads, qualifying clients, and presenting your products; and while these are all important, so is closing the sale. Questions and closing phrases can help you do that. In […]

How To Build A Flexible Work Culture For Employees

Today, company culture is one of the most important factors in order to maintaining a respectful image in the market. A mindful and flexible culture in an organization decides its success and growth. While keeping the core values in center institutes from different fields can increase the adaptability of new-age work culture. Since the pandemic, […]

Top 5 Ways Your Call Center Can Help You in Sales

Image Credits: Pexels With the explosion of online sales and demand for efficient call center services, Customers feel delighted when calling a company line and receiving human feedback. Speaking to human beings like themselves gives them a sense of relaxation. It could be a complaint, asking questions, or making an order. Apart from these agents, […]

How to Create a Sales-Generating Email List for Your eCommerce Business

Image source: Unsplash It may be the oldest form of digital marketing, but often the oldies are the best for a reason. Yes, that’s right – email still reigns supreme when it comes to generating sales and leads for your eCommerce business.  There’s nothing quite like the ability to send marketing material directly to your […]

Guide to Onboarding Remote Sales Employees

Image Source: Pexels In an ideal world, you could simply hire new sales professionals, give them the lowdown on your products, services and sales techniques − then cut them loose and watch the revenue roll in.  However, most successful organizations understand that modest investments in onboarding and training will pay significant dividends. That’s why companies […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing A Sales Resume

Nothing in this world can match the competitiveness you’ll find in the sales industry. It is constantly changing, so you have to get your head in the game if you plan to enter it. And when you enter this particular industry, you should start with a well-written sales resume.  That means learning the dos and […]

6 Crucial Sales Pipeline Metrics You Should Monitor

  If you want to improve the efficiency of your sales and marketing campaigns, you need access to data. Sales volume is a good starting point to measure the performance of your B2B marketing campaigns, but it isn’t the only one.  A sales pipeline enables you to track your B2B buyer’s journey from leads and […]

How Corporate Gifts Can Help You Boost Sales

Building strong relationships with customers and prospects is essential for keeping your sales strong and your business growing. Corporate gifts are a powerful tool for showing your appreciation to existing customers, increasing brand exposure and expanding your customer base. Putting your company’s name on promotional merchandise has never been easier. You can buy personalised corporate […]

11 Tips for Salespeople Working from Home

Image source: Unsplash The ongoing pandemic has opened our eyes to the realization that remote work is here to stay, and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, most brands in the B2B space expect digital sales to be more than 50% of their business within 2 years. When it comes to working from […]

How to Become a Successful Salesperson?

Image source: Pexels No matter what you sell, sales skills are essential for the success of any business venture. While many have tried their success as salespersons, not everyone can handle this line of work. Nonetheless, any aspiring salesperson should be on the lookout to understand what makes a successful salesperson if they want to […]

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