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Actionable Strategies to Ramp Up Holiday Sales in 2021

The holiday season is a prime time to increase sales. In America alone,  in 2019 totaled $730.2. Would you like a cut of the action? Of course, you would. In this post, we’ll look at how you can cash in on the festivities to boost profitability. Be warned; it’s not an effortless endeavor. The rewards […]

Every Salesperson is a Small Business

All successful sales personnel are far from being your average employees. For becoming a stellar sales representative the approach must get deeper than just hitting the requisite numbers every month. If you are ready to take your sales career to another level it is time to place yourself in the shoes of a small business […]

How to Improve Sales Prospecting Effectiveness

Sales prospecting is an essential part of a sales strategy. It involves researching, targeting, and choosing the right businesses or people to reach out to and try to turn into leads to sell to. These leads can be old customers gone cold, or completely fresh customers you’ve never had any contact with. To make sure […]

10 Sales Meeting Topics To Discuss With Your Team

Setting the agenda for your next sales meeting is important, not just to ensure that you follow a structure that makes efficient use of the time available, but also to guarantee that the topics you cover are useful and relevant to all attendees. With that in mind, here are just 10 topics that will be […]

13 Sales Rules for Experienced Managers

The sales team is crucial to the success of a business, as water is to humans. They are the backbone of any profitable venture, and without them, your business will hardly get any returns on investment.  The key role of the sales team is to build a relationship with your prospective clients. It can be through […]

5 Tips To Avoid Burnout As A Remote Sales Rep

Sales reps are closer to burnout now more than ever. If you feel you’re close to suffering sales job burnout, don’t panic! Here are our 5 tips to avoid burnout (and how to spot it).

Commitment to Dedication

Being dedicated to your goal When you are committed to one thing, but your teams focus is not as dedicated as you thought, you fall short of meeting your goal. You must have one or the other to be successful, but knowing how to make both of them work together is where the magic happens. […]

Hallmarks of Kindness and Respectfulness

Why it matters, how to do it When I asked a physician office manager how frequently sales people were rude or disrespectful, she guessed at fifty per cent. I chose a physician office because few industries see more sales people daily. If anyone would have experience with this, it would be a doctor’s office. But […]

Meet Success in the Middle

Are you focusing on the wrong people to drive success? No, I am not speaking of the chart-topping toe-tapping Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey song “The Middle.” I am referring to your sales team. I want you to pull out your latest stack rankings of your sales team. Skip the top 10-20% of the names. Focus, […]

In the spirit of International Women’s Day

In the spirit of International Women’s Day , I’d like to share 3 amazing women that have inspired me and shaped my life in some way. The first woman is my Mum. At 19 years old she left Italy and came to England for a better life. It was 1955 and she got herself a […]