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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Five Ways Sales Leaders Can Avoid Speed Bumps in the Recruiting Process Ever have a candidate for a critical role cruise through your hiring process seamlessly and then, abruptly and without explanation, take the next exit out of the process? The causes can vary. A candidate, for instance, may leverage the prospect of a job […]

5 Interview Questions Every Salesperson Must Know

How To Prepare For Your Interview These questions are commonly asked during the interview process. Preparing for these questions and recognizing how to communicate your answers in a fashion that aligns with the person asking the questions will set you up for ultimate success. 1. Tell me about yourself? Focus on qualities such as strengths […]

The Top 10 Biggest Interview Mistakes

Interviews, it may be the single toughest part of any individual’s job search, and yet, job seekers often compound their interview nervousness with lack of preparation and frequent mistakes. Interview mistakes can be avoided. The 10 biggest interview mistakes and how to avoid them are as follows: 1. Don’t Lie. If the conversation drifts to […]

5 Questions Every Candidate Should Ask at Interview

1) Why is the position vacant? This is an important question because it will enable you to understand whether the position has been put in place to overcome a particular problem. On the other hand it may be that you will be replacing a previous employee that wasn’t performing. The answer that you get will […]


When is it wise to start loooking for a new job to protect yourself. Author: CB Bowman, CEO Executive Leadership, LLC Website: Email to Specializing In: Executive Coaching/Development & Career Management When clients who have been eliminated from their positions come to us for career transition/management, they usually tell us that they […]

The Key to a Successful Job Interview: Rock Soup

Know the story? Once upon a time there was an old beggar who went from village to village looking for a hot meal. After failure after failure, he looked down on the ground and saw a rock. He got an idea. He picked it up, took it to a stream, cleaned it, and placed it […]

Ask the Career Counseling Expert: Why Can’t I Get a Job Offer?

I am at the end of my rope. I have had close to 100 interviews in the past six months but not a single job offer. I’ve tweaked and rewritten my cover letter and resume so many times that there is almost no room left on my computer for all the various versions. What does […]

Ask the Career Counseling Expert: How Do I Tell an Employer I was Fired?

I was fired from my last job. I was the account rep for a major client. The client invited me to his home for dinner. I’m 35. He introduced me to his daughter, who at the time had just turned 18. We started a relationship. I’m not married; she’s of age. When her father found […]

What To Look For When Hiring a Sales Professional

So, you’re on the market to hire a sales professional. Finding a front line personality to represent your business and make the sale is never an easy task. After all, sales is what drives any business, and if you don’t have the right sales team, you’re not going anywhere. While sales is an easy profession […]

How To Make a Great First Impression In a Job Interview

The first few minutes of a job interview are critically important for creating a good first impression. In fact, the first 30 seconds can make you or break you. Interviewers gather clues about you based on the way you look, how you shake hands, the eye contact you make and the first words that come […]