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5 Closing Questions Every Salesperson must ask

ABC = Always Be Closing. This is a mantra often repeated by many of the best and most successful salespeople on the planet. Even when they are not working, you will find some salespeople always asking closing questions, whether out of habit or for practice. Every part of your sales pitch should be part of […]

The 5-Step Method of Handling Objections

image credit flickr Overcoming Objections in Sales I get so many requests asking me how to handle objections, that I thought I’d go ahead and give you the secret method that I reveal in my in-person trainings – the definite way you should handle and deal with all objections. This is a Top 20% favorite […]

The Ultimate Guide to Asking Open-Ended Questions on Sales Calls

Several Examples Of Open-Ended Questions in 5 Different Situations To truly uncover what your buyers want and need, your salespeople must be experts in asking open-ended questions. Asking open-ended sales questions–and making an intention to listen to the response thoughtfully–allows your reps to connect with prospects and customers and gather the information needed to recommend […]

Your Sales Pitch Begins With Your First Sentence

image credit flickr Aspects of a Sales Pitch Sales people make the world go ’round. Some sales people create distrust because of the tactics they choose to use. When folks walk away from a deal feeling a sales person took advantage of them, it makes them resistant to talking with the next sales person. The […]

Is Your Customer’s Relationship with Change the Reason You’re Missing Your Sales Goals?

Everyone has a relationship with change that impacts them personally and professionally. You’ve heard saying such as: People would rather sit in pain than move toward uncertainty. People will move faster away from pain than they will towards gain. Many of the objections you hear from prospective customers stem from fear. Understanding your prospect’s relationship […]

7 Proven Steps To Take When Building a Successful Sales Team

1. Recruiting First thing first. Where are you going to find successful sales reps? Sometimes I feel successful people don’t know they are going to be successful until a leader shows them the way. Those that do know they are going to be successful most likely are on their set path already. What I am […]

How Can You Bring Significance to your Client?

5 Effective ways to help you closing your deal with bringing significance Whether you are a junior sales, senior sales, account manager, or sales director; bringing significance to clients will be the toughest part and for that below are important ways to get your through. Ever experienced that your client will not take your follow […]

Don’t Monkey Around

Death by Meeting 1) Have an Agenda Prepare an agenda and share it with everyone before the meeting is due to take place. Allow others to comment on the topics of discussion. Having an agenda keeps the meeting on track and keeps everybody on the same page when jumping from topic to topic. You should […]

How Buyer Personas Influence Sales with Adele Revella

Adele Revella is the CEO of Buyer Personas Institute and author of “Buyer Personas: How to Gain Insight into Your Customers Expectations, Align Marketing Strategies and Win More Business.” Her book also happens to be in the “Top Five Business Books” by Fortune magazine. Adele’s unique perspective is derived from decades as a sales and […]

The Rule of Reciprocity

How giving can help you receive more sales Four Easy Ways Increases Sales with The Rule of Reciprocity Four Easy Ways to give to your buyer that will increase your sales today. What is the rule of reciprocity? This law states in many social situations we feel obligated to pay back what we received from […]